Sometimes life seems to get out of control. Spinning too fast or bottom dropped out free falling.

Hoping someone remembered to pack the parachute. As you fumble to locate the rip cord. Or maybe you are just pushing too hard on the leaning forward. Adding into the red zone pressure on the throttle lever. Causing more and more unnecessary layers of stress and worry to your already overbooked day.

Maine is a place where what is really most important shines brightly.

More obvious because less noise, honest and real, not artificial or plastic. Maybe the less flash, spin, the more outdoor natural and not wall to wall people is a big part of it. That makes it way way easier to see the choices that are the most healthy. Not to be neglected, woven into your daily routine in Maine.

Maine Is Small Town Values.
Take Your Best Shot, Find Your Target For Happier Living In Small Town Maine.

Basics, when you strip away and begin again start with easy does it, practice the moderation approach to just survive.

Food you grow on a Maine farm patch of dirt. Peddle what you don’t use. Shelter you have a hand in creating and not just write a check.

Heat from natural resources because Maine is ninety one percent wooded land. And entertainment that family centered but tied to community involvement. Because of the greater connection small rural Maine town living demands. You are needed for whatever talents and skill set you bring to the table to add to the flavor of wherever you hang you hat in Maine.

Maine Lake Sunset Photo
Fresh Air, Clean Water, Wildlife Not People. That’s Part Of Maine’s Secret Beauty.

But the inside spiritual garden to weed out within what crept in. When no one was looking and too fast paced living was in full swing. Causing the distraction, leading to the neglect.

Relationships, needing others, handling them with care and kindness.

It is easier to be considerate not dog eat dog. When you are not surrounded by too many people that are not so happy.

Can not be easily because of the toll that chasing, adding to the material items collection causes. Or just keeping their head above water when high cost is the only flavor to dine on in the grab and go hurry scurry.

Maine Cows Dot The Pasture Country Side.
Moo Yourself. Don’t Happen To Have An Apple, Carrot, A Little Grain?

What is not real or natural long term wholesome missing. No joyful from within grateful because you are not. Instead feeding some inside insecurity temporarily with the latest and greatest store bought goods or service. Or over the counter medication, working on some stop gap addiction. Wondering what is wrong that is so elusive to fix slam bam thank you mam? Stop. Slow down, look around. Consider a move to Maine.

Simple Maine living can seem hokey to some.

Not enough to excite and fast pace entertain, is that’s all there is? Square, what fun is there in helping others and yourself at the same time in small rural community involvement some may ask?
It is the foundation of what is needed to enrich from within and not whipping out a plastic card with the magnetic strip. If you are looking for real, genuine, lasting. Not trendy or passing fad hip for now, Maine is the horse to bet on for the win, place show trifecta to better small town living.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker