The blur of holiday activity and battle fatigue from slaying the merchandising dragons.

It all hits home and in your, my travel circles to local stores, restaurants, around the community where you hear the same refrain. The post holiday blues. “I am tired. I am dragging.”

Christmas. It is done.

But the go go go for the ho ho ho has many shell shocked. Reminded of lost loved ones a big part of the burden. Letting go and moving on to avoid the being dragged. Is like the control alternate delete keyboard routine where practice makes perfect. In the start again, begin anew.

Dazed, bewildered and exhausted. A glow, warm and fuzzy if the joy of little ones, the less fortunate, the elderly.

Maine Haynesville Woods
The Lonely Stretch Of Woods In Haynesville Maine. Been There?
Are somehow wrapped up in the Silver Bells, Silent Nights of the yuletide celebrations.

Whatever was in your background activities the last few weeks. And just maybe many of us a little worried about the over the top bills. Marching their way in close rank flank going postal formation.

Goose stepping to the oh we oh lock and load. To hit the home right in the mailbox. To take out the check book in less than thirty days. For the incoming, shock and oh no, did we really spend that much?

The extravagant Christmas spreads when everyone with messed up bed head hair and wearing cinched robes over PJ’s descend the stairs slowly.

Rubbing their peepers in amazement in the hazy glow of multi colored lighting. Smells of coffee brewing and bacon sizzling and the how do you like your eggs. The big show of “to what did their wondering eyes should appear. Did they see and behold before them” in your own private Whoville family traditions.

Now after Boxing Day, Moms especially look around and sigh from the household disarray of kids home from school. Laundry, dishes, all the extra work piling up getting behind. While they still labor outside the home chasing the dollar to make ends meet. And the rest of the castle dwellers socialize, vacation. Sleep in, have fun, eat drink and be merry.

Forgetting many of the healthy considerate habits that have gone on strike. Quit pitching in like the regular, rest of the year routine demands. In the up in the morning and off to school bell ringing. (Cue Chuck Berry) Gotta get to work by nine, TCB. Living just enough for the city.

As you close the book and look ahead.

Finding your noise maker horn. A handful of confetti and a venue to say good bye to 2014 properly. And with someone special declare what lies ahead if you have anything to say about it for 2015. Reworking the list of resolutions from every year before with the biggest of ambitions. Getting ready to lift the glass flute of sparkling bubbly, pucker up for the long kiss and major room wide mass hugs at midnight.

Maine Is Baxter Park, Mt Katahdin
Bigger Than Life. Majestic, Constant, Challenging Mt Katahdin Maine.

Instead of what are you putting on your News Years resolution list, what are you scratching off?

That has been there since as long as you can remember and still not happening. Be honest. You want to, plan to but why the fall off the wagon ritual so early in the game? And then assume the position.

Beating yourself up, shooting yourself in both feet from the let down that follows. Hey what about, maybe just have three or four spaces tops. To fill in to win might be smart to consider in this New Years resolution making. Something attainable short term for the long haul.


The word today is moderation. Easy does it. Be kind and unwind. Learning how to relax because no more over achievers get to whip up the New Years resolution list. Like no thank you, small helpings of this and that. Actually coming up with a plan Stan for actually do-able. Sustainable and creating self satisfaction like landing a “10” off the parallel bars or zip for splash in the entry from the very high dive.

Doing better from a simpler routine. Not botching it up from too ambitious and horrible ill prepared in the delivery of the one by one on your New Years resolution list. The list that looks good, just not humanly possible. Fooling yourself hurts happiness and joy from being at the “this is your life” party.

Changing attitudes and steering clear of harmful negative behaviors from a new angle. By approaching barriers in your life so far with a what if we try this, a little of that in the personal adjustment. And your habits, are they all healthy or just busy busy hurry scurry? Keeping you from relaxing, having fun, free from stress of too many self inflicted deadlines. Get off that anxiety ride merry go round. It robs and hogs if you don’t as you allow life to fly by, get frittered. Surround yourself with positive people.

Maine Is Outdoor Simple Living.
Maine, Somehow Water Is Always In The Background. Part Of The Outdoor Fun.

So what you are NOT going to do, say or promise is going to happen in 2015?

Instead of gym memberships that don’t get exercised, your daily routine could include more walks and talks. Leaving the boob tube off.

Putting a time lock on the refrigerator and reaching for fruit not Frito’s. Getting a new firm bed for quality rest that makes everything look like night and day better.

Reaching out and repairing cauterized relationship loose ends one by one. Not because you particularly want to, because you have to. Humming the tune until you learn the words. Two step simple in the lightening the load, rearranging the baggage we all carry. Some transferred to small carry ons. Others deep six-ed in the heave ho, out the door mental spring cleaning. It is time.

To put less, more achievable on your New Years resolution list.

Lets do this. Making it see Dick, see Jane, where is Spot and Puff black and white elementary. One note at a time simple melodies played on your keyboard of the same two colors. In 2014, what activities made you busy but were not productive? What kept you away from being on your way to achieving your real goals? Not just bumping along drifting in the wind aimlessly for hit or miss.

Moderation. Less is more. That is the key of “gee” and in Maine, we always strive to strip away the none essential. To make room for the unfiltered, all natural not store bought artificial. That four seasons living pretty much outdoors in Maine provides. Wrapped up in our unspoiled drop dead gorgeous surroundings of fresh air, clean water, mountains, woods. Where you live, helps how you live. Maine is the place with the space. More wildlife than people.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker