The way the grass looks, the shade of green in what you see from afar.

Maine is a mystery to many. She is not a place to compare to another in explaining the state to someone new to these parts. Where do you begin and usually it is easier to start the Maine photo slide show. The images of Maine do the job easiest. No talking, just gawking.

Maine Deer, Moose, Wildlife.
Your Neighbors Four Legged, Furry, Curious, Shy.
The photos of Maine reduce it all down to what is real, natural, special. Because so much of the unspoiled space is foreign to people that have lived without it so long. And it is easy to forget places like this exist except in books, high budget movies that can transport the city mouse far from the noise, smells, worries and rat race.

So back to the Maine blog post title and the skeptic eye someone not familiar with the Pine Tree State sometimes casts.

Some that have never been here wonder how do the locals do it. Do what? Stand the deafening sound of quiet when on the top of Mt Katahdin. You explain when the man made sounds, billboards, all the clutter of commerce is removed, you see what hides behind it.

Maine is undeveloped and straight out of the box Mother Nature, Jack Frost, God and a host of others that cherish woods, wildlife and waterways create. Like the Mainer who is after more than a healthy credit card limit can begin to buy that will last.

Maine Communication Cam Mean Job Telecommuting
The Connection With The Audience. Seeing Each Member One By One.
Get real, get Maine was a slogan I think a few years back. To get to that place, you had to back away from the spending table of out of habit.

The fear of having enough savings to fuel the store bought lifestyle of artificial insecurity.

The urge, itch to flaunt your success. Replaced with more dig deep and rely on yourself, your skills, talents. Than your wallet or purse used to drive the show production. That shift when realized is what makes Maine an “ah ha” moment. And you blush, go still, become humble.

Maine now has you wrapped around all of her fingers.

Not just the little ones on the ends that go wee wee wee all the way back to the big city, bright lights living. With the tail between it’s legs. One hand on the fully charged taser.

When someone utters, sputters but what about culture, got any of that? Tell them about the water ballet performance. Of a pair of Maine loons in love and displaying it. In a private sunset show on a Maine lake with you alone or a partner

Find Yourself Outside In Maine.
Unplugged, Hard Wired Into Maine’s Outdoor HBO.
In a VIP box seat shore front lawn folding canvas chair feeling hit hard. Deeply by the display.

What matters most in life rises to the top when you remove all those layers that insulate, distract and waste precious time.

In getting to the heart of the matter, what really pulls on the strings to the ticker. The settings where man can not drive a car. You don’t pay for parking. Are the spots to find what is missing. Less is more in Maine. More than enough.

End the day getting off an antique tractor you thank for hanging in there. Getting that back forty planted, cultivated and hoed. Or another very important day of a critical harvest time in the books. You appreciate more that someone that only values things with a dollar sign attached misses. That stack of racked, stored firewood for next winter in the shed. The root cellar busting at the seams for winter dining.

You are content because you made your life that way with gratitude is riches thinking.

You are blessed with what matters that you need, not thinking you do out of wanting something but the hankering goes away as soon as you possess it. We chase different moving targets in Maine that don’t come in a catalog, can be ordered online at Amazon.

Maine is humbling, sacred, real and to be protected.

The home made love and appreciation passed down to preserve it taught to the kids.

Maine Loons On Lake Fishing.
Taught How To Fish, Survive Early In Life. Missing His Mate, Crying About It Heard On A Maine Lake.
Whether at a woods camp hunting, trail hiking or biking. Plying the water of a river, lake, pond or in a sea kayak with a friend. Paddling out to circle a near shore Maine lighthouse like a NASA capsule orbiting before it’s return to Earth.

The picnic lunch of what you grew yourself. Sliced, layered and enjoyed more because hunger improves the taste.

The setting all around in Maine is not easy to describe. Because it is more than what you see, take in. More about what explodes, detonates and resonates within that propels your day. Makes your life in Maine oh oh so worthwhile and enjoyed.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker