The days of you can believe everything you read are all shot to heck.

The spin, agendas, politics of what you are told in black and white newsprint, peacock living color often is only half a sound bite. To add to the sizzle. Cause a stir for attention, ratings, increased sales. But that creates the out of context that takes the story by the neck. Down a whole other slanted rabbit trail.

News From Bloggers, Through The Grapevine.
Shooting The Breeze With Locals. Learning From The Man On The Street Works Best.

Sometimes not sinister or dark and dangerous at all.

But just not complete or even accurate. Often because the cub reporter who has no prior experience in the topic, the field being spotlighted just does not put in enough time. Or live, do time in the news location.

To make it neat, complete. Not skimmed, strained low fat blah. Just plain old dumbed down.

Many times there is just not the space to cover an important topic completely. Or the complex issue is made into a comic book in the over simplification hitting the bare bone highlights.

So back to where you get your news, opinion, fodder for what is going on in the World around you?

Maine Is One On One, Talking, Sharing, Learning.
Asking Questions, One On One, From The Locals Works Best. Tapping Into The Grapevine.

Lucky to find through the man on the street, the bloggers that post on a regular basis that the good stuff is home grown from gold old locals. Passionate about where they live, work, play.

Everyone is a journalist today that can hunt and peck. And when you live in an area, you know it best because of the day to day spent there eye ball to eardrum with the locals. When you are a card carrying true blue local.

Unlike the far away journalist that swoops in on a telephone or email signal. That might travel. Spend an hour or two at a venue at the most. Then flits. Or is sitting at a news bureau desk the whole time. Somewhere, anywhere else. And misses the local approach and rich flavor, honesty all together.

By hit and run reaching in, pulling back like gypsies.

Same take away from very short vacations at a brand new place on the planet. There is more learned in working longer ones in any location that is new and different. To chew the fat with the locals. Experience their favorite haunts and jaunts.

Not just the ones mentioned in the four color glossy tourist information tri fold brochure. You need to experience what the propaganda left out to arrive at, to form your own conclusions. Not the ones spoon fed to you in fast food drive through fashion as we race through life’s time passages.

Tom, Dick and Harry, Mary Jane, Agnes, Beaulah too with a camera, of any type is a photo journalist.

Not just telling you about an area, the news and people that make it.

Home Made Not Store Bought, That's Maine.
Maine Is Home Made, Entire Small Communities Pitch In, Make It Happen.

But showing you the Maine images that tell a thousand words. Posting the videos that make it “you are there”. Taking you by the hand and doing the informal introductions as if you were here through Maine blog posts.

The more real the raw, unpolished and home grown put out there for anyone interested to see, the better. Help yourself to the real, honest, fresh, accurate information you need. All you have to do is seek, ask, reach out, connect.

Mainer’s are friendly, helpful, family first, hard working too.

Very involved in their small town communities. We watch out for each other. There is a greater awareness to others we need and learn from in the sharing.

Putting the members of the audience up close and personal to the news, exposure to the local community events and surroundings is huge. So easy now with technology and the desire to share what you observe around you. And to graze, surf and glean the same from others with the same willingness to post and share. That make it go both ways, 3D not flat and one way.

The perspective of the people around us in the grapevine that is not just home town small. That is what most of us needs, wants, seeks out for the truth. Thank you faithful Me In Maine readers for tagging along. Checking our Maine blog posts, the images we shoot, videos we edit to help create a worthwhile media stream to follow.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker