Have always thought of the Maine fall season as a “second bloom”.

With the explosion of fireworks grand finale colors. Everywhere you crank your head tooling, bebopping around Maine on and off the highway. But winter becomes more than just icy white. Because open water until it freezes solid, the cobalt skies roll in too. Adding blue hues you won’t find in any size Crayola box of wax colors.

Maine Is All Natural Pure Colors.
Maine Is Pure, Natural Colors… Different Combinations. Always Stunning. No Matter How Many Sparkle. Show Up.

Blue, brown, white looks good around you when you are in Maine late fall.

On the tittering edge of here’s comes the winter toboggan and swish swish ride. Preparing for the three holidays that the calendar delivers each year end. Ready or not.

Sometimes there are late bloomers, just like you and I in life. Trees that refuse to go along with the rest. That cling, hang on to those leaves of gold, red, orange and green variations. This past weekend a surprise blip on the weather radar reminded all of us.

To snap out of it.

To scurry to wrap up the late fall tidying up the yard. Putting away the summer outdoor furniture and “toys”. Lots of us thought oh a little dusting of white snow.

No biggie. It will melt off quickly, won’t amount to much accumulation. Be gone before you know it and the real white stuff arrives for the 5,6,7,8 of winter’s rhythm.

Maine Is Al About The Weather Around The Natural Beauty.
Collision Of Fall Not Done, Winter Just Dropping In A Tad Early. Seasonal Rivalry.

We have all picked up the tempo a tad. Because a jolt back to reality of what we had hoped and what did arrive courtesy of the weather channel were not the same expectations. But we Mainer’s adapt.

Today thinking of pulling the curtain for the all important get out and vote.

And start looking at new skis, jiffy ice augers, snow sleds, winter apparatus from ice scrapers, wool mittens to jumper cables, red, yellow and blue bottles of dry gas.

To adjust the sails for winter living in Maine. As rhinestones of sparkle on new snow under bright sunshine.

Greeted all of us in rise and shine in Vacationland today on the way to work.

Maine Is Colors, Natural Ones.
Less Colors Late Fall On Winter’s Doorstep. But All Natural, Stunning Just The Same.

Winter wonderland of crust, swirls, drifts. From what was wet, squishy and heavy snow that has morphed to brittle, settling in crunchy underfoot.

Last call for fall leave deposit memo’s telegraphed to all the Maine hardwood hold outs.

That were miserly, possessive or just plain distracted with the call to let it go of the colors. Or get dragged into winter.

To march along with squeaky turning of the the seasonal backdrop pulleys. To escort in the winter 2014/2015 season.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker