Why anyone of us is here on planet Earth.

What is our purpose and how did being here effect others? That is always the question posed when going through the family line of a lost loved one during a funeral. All standing solider straight up front to console others in grief. To of course celebrate the the life that caused all these people to pay their last respects. To say goodby.

Maine Is Outdoors, Figuring Things Out Happens Easier Here.
See the Trail, How Many Steps Is Your Life Long?

Remembering the good times, the happy moments growing up in Maine.

To reflect on the setbacks and when life, everyone’s goes a little haywire. Heads sideways. How you get through those dark times is where you really shine. When you pick yourself up by the bootstraps so to speak.

Lost a brother last week, my oldest and now the healing starts.

Continues for all the family, co workers, friends and neighbors. It is easy to make the person’s life fiction, read like an entertaining book. Elevated to hero status. But why they are who they are, the pathways they tramped and were pulled down. So much goes back to their parents, what was ingrained through example. What the little monkey in all of us emulates, mimics.

The conditioning to weather storms and soar high with successes is part of the rock polishing of a person. That happens as twelve calendar pages at a time picks up speed. Becomes a blur as you look over your shoulder.

Maine Is Four Seasons, Always Outdoors.
Being Able To Hear Yourself Think Is Easier In Maine.

But just as important a part of the life recipe of seasoning is your basic nature wired into the DNA strands of the person.

That explains what makes them tick. I had the fortune to tell a room of well wishers saying good bye, paying respects to my oldest brother Stephen Benn Mooers what I knew of the person. And credited much of his success to his partner of twenty years, Jenny.

Along with the quality of his Maine farm based parenting, the good Aroostook County stock gene ingredients, she found his black box. Was trusted to open it. Tour it, examine it and then explain mysteries all of us have. In the dark. Down near the soul.

Until someone takes the time to really read us, need us and help us figure out who we are, why we are. What we need to be to achieve purpose, contentment, to beam gratefully.

Beyond what we ourselves cook up inside to entertain and pacify. But that only the right mate can bring to the table. To truly complete us. To round us out and make things level, not tilted. No man is an island. To radiate joy, it is all about others having it first. Working toward the goal of pleasing others before taking any of the pleasure for yourself.

The job now becomes help the three grown children that have a new heart hole to fill. To sooth, bag balm and tend to in the healing. To remove the purple bruised areas, to stitch together the teared and torn regions blown wide open. To take what you glean from a person you loved and shared a big part of your life with to make the next installment, season all the brighter for his kids. With a bright future, all the right stuff inside to discover and use to steer the ship. To make wise choices, good decisions and live life in the moment, today.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker