Music where the instrument played is out front and center stage when usually more of a support, backup application.

It is neat to see a musician, an individual take it to a level there is nothing to compare to in music, in life. That passion is infectious and you can get addicted to the musical works in a very healthy way.

Maine Sunset Lake Photo
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Maybe not being the norm, what is expected adds to the music artistry being edgy, raw yet refined.

But so new or innovative and not mainstream that it stands out like one copy. Not mass produced or “everybody’s doing it”. No sea of sameness.

Blazing your own trail and not looking down to see if anyone else has been on it prior to you. Not needing to glance down for the reference points to follow a pathway in life is pure confidence. Living by your own rules, standards, heck even whims. Isn’t that the essence of enjoying life? Sampling it, contributing to it for others to enjoy and not just being a spectator?

Mark King of Level 42 is one of those musician lost in what he does. That can make a bass the lead guitar.

Listen, watch him pluck, slap the bass center stage.

The hand made bass neck lit up with LEDs, chewing gum and taped up thumb, Mark King entertains. Check him out.

Or hear, see maybe you already have discovered, enjoy Victor Wooten, another incredible bass player.

Not singing like Mark King in the earlier video. But jamming with the Dave Mathews Band that is loaded with visionaries squeezing more, nothing quite like it out there in solos on stage. Lost in the music. Hypnotizing the audience.

Or changing it up and setting the bass guitar in the slanted floor cradle.

Reaching for the bow and focusing on two cellos, a pair of brothers making them perform in ways you have never seen, heard before.

Music, the kind that is made out in nature. Where the musicians are unknowns. Crickets, robins, lake loons, bull frogs and water lapping on shore rocks. A fire crackles, sputters, creating flickering shadows. As the glow combined with the heat spills light you can feel down to your bones around a log cabin in the Northern Maine woods.

Maine Is Outdoor Simple Living.
Maine, Somehow Water Is Always In The Background. Part Of The Outdoor Fun.

It is the song you sing inside, that stays with you. Like a hearty home cooked filled with lots of love meal that sticks to your ribs.

The company, the setting, the day in Maine you just experienced or that brand new one laying ahead.

The hand crafted, garden grown slow food meal all add to the take away deep inside. When you make, take the time to live, enjoy your life. Include others in it.

What songs linger with you, long after the practice, the solo under water while getting started for the day ahead in the shower performance?

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