Peas in a pod, two people that are well matched and compliment each other.

There is harmony and peace in the household. But they say opposites attract. Those differences are what add depth to the chemistry that makes the sum of the two better than being single. And the pair both know it.

Maine Moose Trail Traffic.
The Moose Is Loose, Alone. Where’s The Mrs?

When a couple gets older, aging moves their relationship and life into a time affectionately termed the “Golden Years”.

Often the differences after sixty plus years of marital rock polishing to smooth, shape the two are reduced to only health ones. Her hearing is poor, his eyesight is anything but 20-20.

Her back problems limit what she has to rely on him to do around the household. She cooks, he cleans. The blur of cross training reverts back to which partner is physically or mentally able to perform the task at hand. The duty of the day.

But like two parts cars bought to make one vehicle with time, love and turning the wrenches, the couple’s disabilities become many. But each has a different top ten list of where they shine, where the luster is missing in those advancing “Golden Years”. Complimenting each other goes beyond mental preferences and accepting the lumps, bumps, quirks of the other. Reduced to just purely physical differences that enter the room. That loom large and stay like an elephant.

Maine Loons On Lake Fishing.
Taught How To Fish, Survive Early In Life. Missing His Mate, Crying About It Heard On A Maine Lake.

The pair’s closeness becomes razor thin in the space between the couple when their have to share their five senses.

To rely on the other when what is needed sensory is diminished or eventually gone completely. So when one passes on, the other is truly lost. Because like the expression it was like losing my right arm, or I’ve give an arm and a leg for whatever. The partner who provided what the other could not bring to the plate anymore is faced with the limitations all by their lonesome.

The “we” becomes “me, myself and I”.

And instead of the independence of living at home, the move to a facility to function in a healthy way takes place. Has to because more than losing your best friend happens. Your reliance on the other is no longer an option when they leave the Earth. It is always amazing to see two elderly people that have marital bliss. From years of practice, trial and error. And not the same carbon copy list of what ails them, what part is missing or diminished. Between the two, like the Fish game, they find what they need which is more than enough. And for that the pair is grateful. Growing old gracefully.

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