Maine is four seasons and hard to put a finger on the favorite.

Because each shine in their own way. Partial to the four. But all involve being outdoors to enjoy them most. Not cooped up, suffering from house arrest.

Maine Wild Lupines.
Maine Is Outdoors, Wild Lupines. Summer Living.

Cabin fever or being jammed in like four walls are closing in. That is not Maine.

The fourth of July means working on community events in a small Maine town. Friends, family, classmates from out of town coming home for the patriotic holiday.

Picnics, hiking, biking, swimming. Golf course scrambles. Maine state fairs and rides. Or Maine horse shows and cattle, cooking, quilting, tractor exhibits.

Jeeps with missing tops, some ladies dressed not far from the same condition.

Red Cheeks, Sliding Down, Trudging Back Up A Maine Snow Sliding Hill.
In Maine We Dress Warm First, Stylish Second.
As temperatures rise, clothing is shed. Water wear takes over the wardrobe. Lakes are the haven to take a dip, cool off. Swim like a fish.

Or to get that fresh cut Maine farm hay baled, in the barn. Before thunder bumpers, dark clouds open up and let loose. With the raining cats and dogs.

Bolts of lightning when it sounds like someone upstairs if bowling. Getting lots of strikes with the heavy pins.

Maine summer living, is home made food, band music. Farmer’s market visits. The goodies made with recipes from long ago and passed down. Strawberry rhubarb pie, hand churned ice cream.

Hear The Music Of Maine, Local And Out Of State Artists, Musicians.
Maine Is Music All Around You. The Natural Kind, The Songs The Local Volunteer Musicians Create To Entertain The Whole Family Outdoors.

Sizzling cook outs with background, summer music, laughter.

Refreshments, water melon, potato and macaroni salads.Gathered around the grill, on the open deck or patio. A circle of chairs around the open fireplace.

As the sun sets, moon rises, crickets tune up. Frogs supply the base line. Maine loons belt out the solos.

Get to Maine, cross that big green bridge to the south. Watch a Maine 4th of July parade, see the fireworks. Meet the friendly people who live here. Come to Vacationland. The way life should be. Still is.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker