The Maine magic happens usually on water, beside it, looking out over it. How do you like your water in Maine?

The fast, rushing, verbal kind where you have to holler to be heard heading down a Maine river in a kayak or raft? With commands from your boat captain shouted. To paddle hard left, right, to hold. Grab that short robe and wedge a foot up under the thwart in front of you. And hope, pray, you stay in the boat. And preparing for if you don’t. Getting spilled into the drink. When the raft takes a hard angle and starts to turn over quickly.

Maine River Rafting Water
Hold! Grab The Short Rope, One Paddle Hand Extended! Hang On!

Or maybe you want your water bottle polished calm, smooth as glass Maine glass.

With loons, and birds the only sounds. Maybe the fire wood spitting, cracking and hissing as you add to the collection. The one you started that will take a life time. One by one capturing, experiencing Maine sunsets. Of all kinds, colors, intensities.

Smell of a cook out somewhere down the lake as you kayak around it. Thinking about what is going to sizzle on your own grill when you paddle home. What you left on marinading all day long. For a tasty end to the day. Served up to go with that one of a kind Maine lake sunset.

MaineLake Sunset
Smooth, Sleeping, Polished Maine Water With A Dash Of Sunset Please.

Maybe your water is for the sounds of lapping against rocks. Mixed with a little breeze to reduce the heat off a summer evening in Maine.

Lull you to sleep with the sound of rain pelting or gently tapping the roof of the cabin. Where you are snug as bug. Warm and toasty, snuggled up in your bed in dry surroundings.

Maybe your water is best observed alone, perched high up and causing thousand yard stares, detachment.

Maine Kayaks, Lake Photo
Pick A Color, Which Maine Kayak Goes Best With Your Personality Today?
That is the aviation grade, high octane Maine waterfront that blows you away. Makes you feel very small, humble, grateful.

Or it’s chilled, frozen water that catches your fancy. Skating, skiing, carving on it. The white blindness of it all with cobalt blue Maine skies overhead. Cutting holes for fish to escape from their wintery water world. To be your supper. Or to get a second change, a pardon, reprieve. A one way ticket. Back into the drink. Escorted through the five inch hole made by the Jiffy auger.

Find your type of water in Maine. It’s all unfiltered, all natural and pure. Maine, where you want to be, need to be. Don’t stay away so long. She’s waiting.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker