Nothing stays the same and we journey through seasons in life.

Experiences collected, most involving other people. Mixed in with plenty of four season outdoor settings. Drop dead gorgeous scenery, vistas when lucky enough to live in Maine. Tap into her natural, unfiltered beauty.

Living In Maine
Sit, Watch, Listen, Learn. Gotta Relax, Log Out To Do That. To Get Off The Time Clock. Below Radar.

But lots going on right inside a person who watches, listens, grows. Changing slowly from within. Not because those around you want you to be just the way they wish.

But something about being true to yourself, knowing who you are. What you want and are able to contribute as your covered dish to sample.

At the same Maine lake picnic table where we all sit down around. To exchange, catch up, learn, share. Losing pride, being humble, grateful helps speed up that process to come around, settle down and know peace.

Living your own life with values, beliefs protected, applied to the decision making thought process right?

It is all about making wise life decisions. Taking ownership of your mistakes. Building, hanging onto your successes. Striving to be clear headed, bright eyed and bushy tailed to live your life fully. Not waste it in indecision, frustration, being scared.

Plenty of the wisdom of living is gleaned from just logging the hours. Until you are thirty, forty, whatever age, you can not quite look at things with the proper perspective though. Like the puzzle of your life early on is missing several key strange, interesting shaped pieces. To one by one snap into place. Once you figure out where it goes by trial and error. A little patience, sometimes lots of luck. And input from others you can trust. To help in the steering.

There is never an age where playing games is worthwhile.

But as life rolls on, relationships, the most fragile, delicate part of our life on Earth quickly become the all important goal to seek. Vital to preserve at all costs if you can. We do need each other. But not to the point of suffocation. Not being able to breath. That kills relationships. Kinks the hose that waters, refreshes. Things wither, dry up, blow away. Pull up a chair beside a Maine lake for the cure.

Loyalty, consistency, stability, love not just logic needed in large supply for all of us not Vulcan. Given, received, tossed, served back and forth.

Maine Lake Sunset Photo
Peaceful, Calm, Maine. Grab A Chair. Drink Her In.
So the connection goes both ways. Building something unique, special, lasting.

But ah the kicker. Is everyone on the same page? Did we lose some of the group? All “all aboard”, still seeing the same horizon pathway?

Under the same place in the stars. Out on the water.

Or just going through the motions to be in agreement. Not be the odd man out. To not be alone for legs of the journey.

Knowing what they want? Or just tagging along, until a fork in the road says, we are both know we’re not together.

Maine Lake Settings, Peaceful, Relaxing, Fun!
Relaxing, Enjoying Your Company, Setting On A Maine Lake. Priceless.
Each having to gain their balance, figure out where they actually are in life.

Where they want to go and how to get there. Maine, great place to have a seat with the wildlife surrounding you. Where no people interfere or object to your letting go, generating all those thousand yard stares.

You can be who you are, want to be in Maine. With less input from jammed too close, in your face hecklers. All around you who wish you would stop doing that, saying that, being who you are or want to be. Get to Maine, see the difference.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker