If you are brought up, taught to just take what you need, leave the rest for others.

To improve situations the best you can. Strive to make them better that they were. To contribute for the greater good. Well now Mister Man. You’d fit right in nicely in a small Maine town.

Custers Last Stand
What Red Flags, I Don’t See Any. Let’s Charge Right In. Saddle Up For The Last Stand.

Because there is a connection, an urge, a need to pitch in, help out.

Plenty of opportunity in a sparse population. There would not be a small Maine town for long if that fire in the belly fever, passion was not the case. If it was just a dog eat dog, every man for himself. All about me.

But sometimes the critique asked for because of pressure from a local community board is something that just gets lip service by a CEO.

Lt Colonel Custer just needs a little direction, guidance, correction but is the last to know it. Wearing blinders like you put on horses to keep them focused on a task. Less aware of activity around them that could spook, distract them. Pride is the wrecking ball in all relationships from work to love and in between.

The need for change happens in a person, a group, a community to create peace. Not continued drama, turmoil, confusion. Technological developments can improve life too. Help cause greater efficiency. To lead to harmony, even fun, joy to permeate your thoughts, relationships on all levels in your small Maine town surroundings. It is not just about survival. It is about quality of life for others, yourself as the secondary gain.

Tweaking, dial adjustments, small changes to the any one’s day to day. To approach this, this and a few other critical issues from a whole new approach. Because things are starting to wobble. Or the Maine expression, “go out of kilter”. Don’t jive. The planets are just not lined up correctly Chummy.

The community relations group I was on polled the audience. Each asked our sphere in the circles we make in the small Maine community for input.

For a show of hands one by one on a private level.

Taking notes, not using a mic or camera. To gather the crystal clear common themes, perspectives that started to emerge.

Maine Is Small Towns, Working Together.
Peace, Harmony, Delicate Handling Of Small Town Relationships.

Because without this asking for a critique to get to the bottom of what is wrong “it’s hard telling with out knowing Bub”. The interviewing where no one leaves their name, the sources are kept in the shadows.

But knowing the collective truth will set you free. Of whatever is causing the friction that leadership just does not have its finger on the pulse of the problem. But needs to swallow the bitter pill and fix the ills.

That are the fresh poison, lingering toxins needing weeding, not feeding.

When we reconvened for a breakfast meeting, after passing the eggs, toast, home fries and a couple coffees.

The new and old business agenda items housekeeping chores were checked off the list, here it comes. Light and bright stopped.

What are you hearing out there is the community? I had my turn, fourteen specific areas shared from my informal polling of community members. From both folks working in the organization and out. Public opinion sorted through after asking the pointed questions to get to the root of exactly what is the problem needing a socket wrench. A cutting torch, new ideology parts bolted, welded, brazed into place.

The CEO’s smile left the room.

All eyes were on the man wearing hush puppies. He waved an arm, gave one of his customary annoying nervous laughs. “Nothing to any of that”. I thought of Col Jessep’s “you can’t handle the truth” famous line from A Few Good Men movie. But there was no need for a court martial proceedings because we were not all on the same page.

Constructive criticism ushered out into the daylight, given fresh air, put on the table. If allowed to be considered with a what if, just what if approach. From the pretty solid minds that live, work and play right in your neighborhood. If collected, shared, chewed on, batted around. Then something for a plan comes out of the pow wow. If implemented and “now we’re cooking with gas happens” is a very very beautiful thing.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker