Dorothy clicked the ruby reds to slipper back to Kansas.

Where do you want to live Toto? Seems the upper right hand corner is one attractive destination. To keep it where you got it for wall to wall natural surroundings if already a local, transplant. Don’t want to leave. Want to stay put.

Eating A Snack On Mt Katahdin.
Best View For A Maine Lunch. I Know Several Places. That Make You High, Giddy, Happy.

Maine people happy where they live as a rule. When polled, quizzed, asked for a show of hands on where would you move to if the getting was good? Or in dire straits, it was deemed necessary to take a swan dive. Like the order on the bridge of the Titanic to abandon ship.

If the bright lights came on, music stopped and in the silence told we don’t care where you go.

But you can’t stay here. If it was last call. Mainers would for the most part sit still, dig in. Park it where they got it for GPS coordinates. That according to a recent Gallup poll this week.

Maine. If you’re happy and your know it clap your hands, stomp your feet. That’s what it’s all about. Hey.

What’s the attraction of Maine?

If you could coil up the bed roll. Finish your coffee, douse the camp fire.

Maine Court House Clock Photo.
Home Grown, Small Town Pride. That’s Maine.
Tighten the girth a couple saddle notches. Put your lid on. Hit the trail for new parts to roam daily. If you are like so many out of state readers, folks I deal with looking to own Maine real estate, a piece to call home sweet home. Or as an insurance policy, a safety net to bungee cord catch themselves.

To run away to if between the rock and the hard place. Up that creek without the paddle. If ever found free falling unexpectedly off something tall. In the cities where eight out of ten like it or not have to live.

With all those big blue easy to spot dots for the big evacuation. If cities ever did empty during, after something terrible being flashed, splashed on the tube. Over the wire, squeezed through the grape vine, via smoke signal communications. Showing up on radar to force the move, relocation to say oh I don’t know, maybe Maine.

The list of what we don’t have in Maine scores big. Zip for time bleeding out traffic. 4th lowest crime, no gangs, no drive by shootings, no need for dead bolts. Or living in fear.

46th lowest for foreclosure, short sale, repossession due to all those low priced properties. That are easier to pay off, to shift to living mortgage free. Mainers don’t do debt unless they can absolutely help it.

If you rounded up your tribe, were on Family Feud and Richard Dawson, some host shouted survey says (ding ding ding).

Wait for it. The tumbling rectangle slots for the number one, top ten reasons folks say they like Maine. The popularity cake walk for Vacationland would list the down to Earth, family first hard working people.

Spiraling down the list to the wide open spaces colored blue, green, in between. The elbow room. Unspoiled natural surrounding vistas.

Kayaks In Packs.
Kayak Yak Yak Yak In Packs. Group Paddling, Bobbing, Floating Your Boat.
The moose, lighthouses, blueberry pie, baked potatoes, lobster boats double parked in harbors off coastal villages.

The crystal clean waterways like the Allagash, Penobscot, Kennebec, Androscoggin, Dead. The Mt Katahdin, Sugarloaf, Sunday River, Cadillac for bumps to get you high. To name a few of the peaks, spirals pointing skyward in our Pine Tree State.

But the real attraction of Maine is not something one word descriptions nail down properly. To adequately cover all the bases sufficiently. Score a ten.

There is a small town connection in Maine because of the 108 little, more self contained local communities.

Just a handful of cities. Embracing home grown, local grass roots creativity, self reliance, living in gentile poverty. Elevating it to an art form.

The way life should truly be. Maine, she’s not high school skinny, but big, beautiful with lots more to wrap your arms, head around to love. Go all the way north. Why don’t you come up and visit ME sometime?

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker