When you raise kids in Maine, you teach them there is a big wide open World out there to explore, discover.

To sample in the journey of life. The many neat people we bump into along the ride. And things rub off that help shape a person from the experiences, conversations your kids have in new locations with folks far far away from the Maine home town they spent the first part of their life.

Maine Is Small Maine Towns.
Serving It Up, Dishing It Out In Small Maine Towns.

What about ME ?

Some folks spend their whole life here. Maybe other than a stint in the service, two, four or more years of college. The other side of the big green bridge.

Or when their parents moved during their school years for a brief stint outside Vacationland.

But the kids doubled back. Because the bulk of their family is here. Because they liked the environment of where they were raised in Maine with all that four season outdoor, wide open living, friendly people.

The place with the space. Maine is a popular place.

Often the person who has not lived in Maine long, or at all appreciates this Pine Tree State more than a native.

The locals know we are pretty lucky in Maine. But those that have done time in not so much fun busy, crowded, unsafe and expensive city settings outside Maine appreciate the state much more. Because they know it is not like this many or any other places. They have the scars, stripes to prove what can happen when you don’t hang your hat.

Maine Is Rural, Small Towns, Outdoors.
One Potato, Two Potato… Well You Know The Rest.
Are not fortunate enough to live, work and play in a small Maine town.

To at least maintain or better yet grow in population the survival goal. To become a destination to consider living, raising families. Working or retiring in.

Not just reach for off the shelf for hit or miss Maine vacations.

Or all the outdoor recreational pursuits in Maine that happen like clockwork the four seasons.

The trick is how to be the cat’s meow to all the age groups. New and improved. Because all the segments are needed to create a well rounded experience in a small Maine town. What makes a small Maine town great, so special, to shine?

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker