Just finished Stephen King’s “Joyland” book.

Revolves around carnival park life. Where some unfinished business gets squared away before “The End”.

Reading To Your Kids In Maine.
Maine Is Family, Reading To And Doing Things With Your Kids.
In a Maine winter, we are outside as much as possible like the other three seasons. Dressed with layers and toasty warm. Enjoying the fresh crisp air, strengthening sun’s rays, amazing scenery. A slew of outdoor recreational family options.

But like enjoying a good chowder, soup, stew, a new book to nurse.

To nibble and slay a chapter at a time is a good pastime. To keep your imagination from rusting. Whispering, whining “oil can, oil can”.

Just picked up, getting into “Sharp Objects” by Gillian Flynn about a reporter who is covering a “who done it” story in her small home town.

Her own mysteries from the past percolate to the surface to impact her reporting. Reading is a habit, entertaining and when you finish a book, your two hands feel empty. You reach for something else to scan.

Much like the back of the cereal box, milk carton, place mat to scan. To past the time. To learn something. And your newspaper, even though online and available to tap tap tap into, the eerie glow gleaning is not the same.

Without the smell of newsprint, your two arms holding it high. Or flat on a table, breakfast bar. Opening, flipping the neatly folded, inserts tucked away inside fresh edition. Delivered to your doorstep if a Maine daily. Snagged at the supermarket if a weekly or your don’t hire the postal carrier to add to his hernia load. To keep you in the know, satisfy your curiosity. Making your feel involved, current.

Visit a local library in Maine.

Did you use to read more when you were a kid, or is your job so much technical study that work scanning cures the hunger to be whittling away at literature?

Did you see your parents reading books for pleasure, knowledge? And are biographies, nature, historic, DIY, fiction or non fiction what you prefer?

Have a lot of new to the area folks ask in their top ten after how high are the property taxes, heavy the regulations, zoning end up moving on. To “tell me about your home town’s library, hospital, schools”. That answer tells a lot, reveals volumes about what is important. Where the local community’s priorities are.

Read, learn, think, broaden your perspective and grow. Consider other viewpoints, perspectives, experiences, solutions. Pass that on to your kids to develop so they always remember stories in the early bedtime ritual. Before their prayers, lights out. Cue the Sand Man. Books in their lives for so many reasons, benefits keep getting reached for if you do. Passed down example to follow. My parents did for their four boys.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker