Fenway Park Boston MA
The Green Monster, Fenway Park In Boston MA. Home Of 2013 World Champion Red Sox Team.

Red Sox Nation is not a small ring of population of baseball franchise lovers surrounding Bean Town.

No, it extends way beyond Plymouth Rock, where they had the tea party in the Boston Harbor a few years back. Red Sox Nation fans are true blue, loyal, deeply connected to the team with the “B” branding.

Most of us don’t hold season tickets to take in all the Fenway Park home baseball games.

It’s a 6.5 hour haul if we don’t take the corporate jet. (Smile) The “green monster” backdrop we see during the nine innings or more, the double headers is an outdoor mural fall scene. Full of green, gold, reds of the fall foliage woods plastered behind the big screen TV with surround sound. Where game after game between the stints where the fan actually gets to Boston, or during Florida spring vacation pre season match up baseball scrimmages. To take in an actual outdoor game.

Not just watching double plays, smothered line drives or grounders, stolen home run with go go gadget stretches in full HD color. Not taking in a Red Sox game parked in a recliner with the boys from work, the kids and partner either. No no, radio Red Sox games are pretty special, memorable too.

I remember during fall potato picking harvest operations having the radio parked on a full potato barrel.

And like the water jug, the lunch box and extra clothing shed as the spud picking temperature rises after a frosty morning start. All gets moved to the every other row station for new barrels to fill. So trucks can have an alley to hoist them up, whisk them to the dark as the inside of a cow potato storage bins.

Listening as Rico Petrocelli, Carl Yastrzemski, Tony Conigliaro hit, field, chase, catch the leather stitched in red thread hard ball. All the baseballs teams on the American and National Leagues with the same goal. To get a ring, a spot, the title of World Series Champs.

The potato harvest work coupled with listening to what is happening with your favorite team that is in the playoffs, then the World Series as a northern Maine farm kid was a big deal.

Because the imagination processed just the tinny audio from the sportscasters you had followed since spring, through out the summer evenings. Losing sleep during those west coast stints. The broadcasts happening meant summer in Maine during the regular season must be underway. Remember running the radio station board listening for time outs, inning ends when the spot clusters needed to be inserted on my end. Of the rebroadcast from WDEA, our feed microwaved from Ellsworth Maine at the time.

Met Jim Rice at a Maine State REALTOR’s meeting a few years back. Got the signed baseball for the kids. But now a whole new crop of red Sox wearing jerseyed baseball players make the best that could happen. The Red Sox are this year’s world championship team. Wow. Still sinking in. Basking in that sunshine.

Have taken the kids to witness a New York Yankee / Boston Red Sox game where our home team won. Wearing green on one occasion. Coming from behind in the eighth inning of play at Fenway Park.

The Sweet Caroline song fest at the Fenway Park Rd Sox home games.

The sway of the standing verbal, jubilant crowd. Some that have had too much barley pop. The “tastes better while your team is winning” over priced stadium snacks gulped down as you watch the innings unfold. Hoping rain holds off. All stay in your mind as your walk out of the landmark Fenway Park baseball stadium.

The Sox team won!

Came out on top. Beat the Yankees. Or the Cardinals. You pick a team. For the headline. Heading happy happy happy for something good to eat for dinner. Let’s do seafood or Italian what do you say gang? And to recall the double plays. Unbelievable drop snags raced to at warp speed all out. Caught just barely in time. Re-living the calls good or bad in the greatest game in the world innings that are now in the book. All in, done. History. One by one around the table excited. Coming down from a win and all that hollering. Explaining tomorrow why you are a little horse, whispering, raspy.

Well, the game right up there with hockey…Go Bruins. Skate your brains out, and how about those Patriots? Red Sox Fever is the tip of the iceberg on love for our Bean Town collection of franchise high salaried athletes. To entertain, amuse and sometimes disappoint any one of the four seasons. Neat when all the teams like pistons in a finely tuned engine hit pay dirt. Make New England and beyond proud. The Boston Red Sox team is World Champion! HOO-rahhhhh Red Sox Nation.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker