Relaxing, Tackling Hard Problems In Small Maine Towns.
What Needs Fixing, How To Approach Problems In Small Maine Towns.

Sometimes it is easy to caught up in the day to day living and with the speed of life blur miss cues.

To not be as sharp, aware, to see with clarity what is happening around you. When you pull, rack back the focus and see what’s going on as the Buffalo Springfield song warns. Not everything is always hunky dory. There is plenty to gripe about, to whine and wish this or that situation was different if that is the sit down and have a pity party approach you want to take.

But making things better than they were starts with realizing some tinkering, fixing is needed.

Mistakes happened but lessons learned from decisions made in the trial and error tinkering. But arriving at some common ground where the folks that swim with you, the birds of a feather that fly next door are in pretty much overall agreement. On the same page of where are we now, where do we go from here? What is my individual role to help not hurt the process? Sometimes it’s say nothing, don’t fight, take the high road. But not being apathetic, discouraged just sizing up the situation to see where you jump in.

Nothing stays static. Try to keep up or take shelter under some flat rock to avoid being stampeded can happen when you live where there is nothing but a sea of not so happy faces anywhere you crank your head to gawk, take a gander look-see. Finding a place where the pace of life is a tad more sane, lower miles per hour is a start. Where you are aware of the night sky stars overhead. The clean sparkling bubbling water, the neat well versed seasoned neighbor. Those are just three Maine face cards in large supply. Where the population is not wall to wall that always comes with a severe price in the trade off.

There is a reason the population is smaller in a Maine community.

A little ways away from major markets. Insulated from the rat race. You have to make your own opportunities. See new ones that could work with passion, dedication and right thinking, near perfect timing. But is small town Maine community life the same for everyone or a carbon copy of the day to day you would live in a larger population center? Absolutely not.

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You swap certain things, give up and gain much when you relocate, move, invest in a Maine small town lifestyle.

Time spent sitting in traffic, worrying about personal property disappearing and saving your own hide from harm gets traded for not having to lock your doors. Not always looking over your shoulder. Protection not needed from the folks that smile, make eye contact. Mainers that have manners, are polite and considerate makes everything different. From ones who seem disinterested, rude, too busy. Or just avoid connecting, reaching out and acknowledging others surrounding them when you bee line for a life in the city chasing the dollar to make ends meet.

The “don’t get involved in an urban area” is exchanged for pace yourself, relax, breathe. Pick and chose carefully like signing up for college classes to avoid being overwhelmed with credit hours. Over extended and pulled in too many directions for community service. There are never enough local volunteers. Plenty of folks that say it can not be done. But the step up to the plate types in a small Maine town you will find have a heart that nothing compares to, is stronger. Because of fierce pride, passion, a will to pitch in and see their role in the local landscape to improve the small Maine town. To apply the talents, skills or hone them to apply, do their best when not many sign on. Step up in a positive way.

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The ringing bells ringing are bickering on the local level that wastes times, does nothing for confidence or to inspire folks to sign on.

To buy in, pitch in, not shy away. The red flags are the finger pointing instead of offering solutions and collectively hammering out the where do we go from here, what do we do now to stay on the straight and narrow. The right path.

And the ooh ooh that smell is the unmistakeable odor that oozes, permeates when something is rotten. Feelings have no IQ but can stall, side rail or push back the work process that needs to be done in a small Maine town. Unmet needs, not “feeling” appreciated or needing recognition can be in short supply but replacing it with pride, self satisfaction and more self reliance is what under populated, natural Maine simple living is all about right?

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker