Less Layers, Unfiltered In Maine Simple Living.
Start Fresh. Maine, Get Healthy. Grab Hold, Turn The Knobs On A New Life Screen.

Ever think of your life as one junk layer after layer? The stuff that’s unwanted, toxic, distracting, that only serves to rob. All chopped, sliced, diced and whipped, mixed up with the good, the bad, the ugly?

Smothered, darkening layers being piled on high, stacked, teetering. Where everyone has a hand at the lasagna making. You, me, Uncle Sam and others add to the heap, mess, clutter. As the pace of the day’s RPM increases, adds to the theft of time during one very short life? The low rattle and hum becomes a roar.

What’s that you say? (Hand cupping one ear, cocked to the side to try and follow along with all the mixed messages bombarding the bloated world population.) And that you, I, society, Hollywood, Madison Avenue marketers, lawyers, politicians, the elite media all add to the spin filters. Making it harder to squeeze out the 100% good for you natural juice. To develop an honest, sane perspective around you of what is seen, blinding arch welder bright. Right before your eyes. Heard, going in at a thundering screech in both your ears.

Honest, real, natural. The Maine way that it really is playing out on the screen in front of you.

Keeping it simple, doing some control, alternate, delete helps level the playing field. Removes much of the clutter of unwarranted, unneeded. For enriched, longer, better living. That goes hand in hand with the safe, picturesque natural surroundings. The taking better care of your physical, mental, spiritual and even financial health that falls in line. Just snaps in to puzzle piece place oh so well. In this state that should by all rights be in Canada. Almost is on three sides.

Maine, shake your own personal in your hands Etch A Sketch.

Get back to a blank silver lining life canvas to create your lines to follow. It is your life. Lead it, see it unfold unfiltered, all natural with less people and more outdoor four season beauty. That kind of more elbow room surroundings, positive attitude has got to make your outlook improve. Your awareness, clarity and paying attention ability heightens. So what’s really important to happen surfaces. you can see and connect the dots. For something deep inside to kick in. Stir, click, lock on and light up.

See Small Town Maine, Feel Big Time Pride.
Maine, 108 Small Towns, Villages, Vibrant Communities.

Some One Left The Water Running. Maine.
Maine, The Feel, Sound, Sight And Smell Of Water Is Part Of The Experience.

Maine Is Moose, All Kinds.
Maine Moose, Not All In The Woods, Ankle Deep In Cat Tails, Reeds.

Maine Is Farming, Outdoor Food Production.
Moo. Lunch, Snack Time On The Maine Farm.

See more images of Maine.

Lay them down face up, one at a time to do the show and tell.

Where words don’t hit the mark.

Do the job.

Pure, simple, Maine.

Don’t keep her waiting.

Try not to stay away so long the next time.

You are no the real you when you are not knee deep in the upper right hand corner state almost in Canada starts with a capital “V”.

Dubbed Vacationland.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker