Maine Is Four Season, Outdoors.
Maine Is A Place Of Less People, More Life Awareness. Rich In Things Money Can Not Buy.

Today in social media there are a lot of opinions, everyone has something to say.

Where do you get your advice, how many mentors do you have? And do you draw back into suggestions for life guidance from sage old farmers? Improving the way it is from lessons learned on how it was. With a sprinkle of hope, faith for the down the road to happen.

Living a simpler life in rural Maine is easier when you have more outdoors, nature, space. Less or no debt in your day to day living.

So the role money plays is removed, less important. Because it is not so much the needed lubricating grease. To keep the wheels of life moving, cogs turning. Complicated happens because of unmet needs addressed artificially right? Self medication with retail therapy is a temporary fix. Over indulgence of everything from food, gambling, sex and even work can be a band aid for a gunshot wound too.

Attended a funeral for my Aunt Rita yesterday and the reality of one by one losing the old guard of the family hits home. Just fact. Down to my last Aunt Helen who looks just the same as always. Can cook up a storm. A one of a kind smile smile, cheerful, positive and what a sense of humor. Funerals should not be family reunions but take them whenever they present themselves right? Don’t miss a chance to learn more from your family. The folks you are lucky to be stuck with and hopefully they feel pretty much the same about you in return.

Listening, reflection during a funeral sermon of a family member’s life mapped out down front. Coupled with a chorus of Amazing Grace, other hymns. Makes you open up, think about other pearls of wisdom that surface. Bubble to the top, front of your brain. That departed family even closer, near and dear, Moms and Dads left seeded. Planted behind for the living. To use, apply as they chose, see fit. The need arises.

Moderation is the advice that struck me, dove tailed wove into my thoughts with the meet and greet with family gathering. Coming together for the funeral last ride in the polished white Cadillac hearse.

The line of cars with lights on winding slowly to the cemetery. Other motorists stopping, pulling over in respect. The grave side burial, final prayers, and slow lowering into the ground process.

To transition too, the living left behind that feels the jolt. During the loss of a family member. That you first knew as a very young grasshopper. Remembered best the younger version. Mixed in a “where’s Waldo” large sea of noisy, running, laughing cousins. Who religiously got together to play, socialize with our parents and entire families every Sunday afternoon. Moms and Dads taking turns in a steady rotation of each Aunt and Uncle’s home bases starred as this week’s showcase setting. When there are over thirteen brothers and sisters in your parent’s respective families, that is many different households and backyards to try out. Get exposed to, sample and compare to your own.

Sitting on the solid wood church benches, out in the funeral congregation, I thought of my Mom. From the same era as the lady we were honoring, remembering yesterday. And picking up a gem from her steady selection of themes she shared, shaped her four boys with growing up. Moderation was the sponsor of the day. Just showed up inside to chew on, consider.

Moderation defined as the process of elimination, lessening extremes. In an over indulgent, right now poor impulse control society fueled with a hunger, a need for drive through quick. With speed of thought immediate gratification, the need to practice moderation applies more than ever.

Moderation, as a governor, safety restrictor to point out, remind the person you talk to each morning in the mirror to just hold your horses there partner.

To avoid rushing. To replace it with leisurely savoring. Not everything action needing to be action packed, multi task bundled for the greatest efficiency end all. To free up time so you can crowd in more stuff to do is not the exercise take away either. Or to dream up more things you have to have. Can’t live without, no matter what the cost. And kill yourself getting them. Less is more and not the other way around. Maine is a simpler approach to life for sure. Reality makes you sober, to realize you have more than enough. Easy does it. Look around. Catch the score.

Moderation recognizes one’s limits, is a metronome timed internal process to reach a middle ground. And for the most part camp there. Stay put. Pretty much parked in this neutral area. To avoid the peaks and valleys that are quickly dismissed as “bi polar”. It seems everyone is saddled with the condition. Labeled with giddy, hysteric high tendencies. Below the bottom of the ocean rock bottom lows. Teeter tottering the between the two for a struggle at a sane life balance.

Like driving in a Maine snowstorm with rear wheel traction, you sometimes do need to accelerate to power your way out of dangerous spin, slide. The opposite of your instinct to pile on the brakes if out of control is happening. To stop the show. Freeze the action. When going slower, or not at all heading out an option. Being more cautious, leaving a little earlier for travel time would have avoided the suddenly going sideways, or backwards. Rather than enjoying open road straight ahead that is not always life’s course or challenge. Thanks Mom. You’re right. I hear you. I won’t forget. Can’t and tell the kids the same principles you instilled in me.

Maine, less people, more open space, life is easier to understand, improve. Always natural, never filtered, Maine is better than the real deal. It’s not like this many other places anymore. Come discover Maine. Learn something about yourself with simpler living, more breathing room for you.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker