Maine Living In Moderation, Alignment, Balance Moving Forward.
Uneven, Rocky Crooked Paths But Still Seeking Alignment. Balance,

Lining up the bubble on the pop level you build with to make sure everything is on the same plane.

The same altitude. Sanding off high spots. Adding a shim to give one side a boost, lift. Not leaving anything ee-awed, cockeyed. At an ugly angle climbing or descending. But even keeled the target condition. Level, one side no higher than the other, in balance. Isn’t that life gyroscope a balancing act of it’s own before introducing one by one the other relationships we need, find ourselves smack dab in the middle of in life?

Then reaching the same plateau together in a place like Maine. Rural, simple, uncomplicated. But often not without taking vastly separate life courses, trails or detours before landing in Maine. To get to the place both arrive at right on time. From different directions, set of circumstances.

In alignment with another person, in harmony starts, ends within yourself first and last.

Each straight arrow flexibility added temperament created, improved from within first. Not only contingent on maintaining it if the other does, this, this and oh yeah, lots of that. And none of all of this laundry list of items, habits, actions. Very few of us are identical twins. No egg was split way way back when introduced to life as a brand new grasshopper.

And responsibility for how you feel a choice you make and not being, playing a victim. Isn’t that lazy if you don’t take ownership? Putting the burden of how the day to day goes all shifted from inside you to heaped on the others. Folks in your life treated that way ignites, boils over with disastrous results and consequences.

Finger pointing about you missed something is a bad habit to break.

Shoulda, woulda, coulda been smarter. Quicker to do this when that occurred causing the fine kettle of fish we find ourselves in now. Stewing, fuming about it. Creating a pool of venom to poison your life. Rob the joy.

Instead wouldn’t a happy in themselves whole person not hold others hostage in any relationship? Making how the partnership goes not solely dependent on the other person’s performance alone. The tone, attitude of the day to day not hinged to meeting the others expectations only. Instead, choosing to work on the inside job list that all of us struggle to improve on and take ownership of as maturity sets in. For the good of the unity, couple. Strengthening it to weather future storms that will arrive right on schedule.


You see how important it is with your car tires. You need the wheel alignment and balance of each to be tracking true and level, even. Expensive if you don’t. Your poor aching back alignment critical too. You don’t need a scalpel making a new zipper in your back to end the pain and stiffness. Often one of your legs is longer than the other. Did you know that? Let’s put a lift in that left shoe.

And make some other life adjustments too. Get off the couch, chuck the TV changer to somewhere you can not find it. Use it. Like whatta say let’s lose fifty pounds the builder, manufacturer of your body never intended for you to wear around. Not in the specs, plan. And voila, you are no longer stooped, bent over, folded up like a jack knife. But straight as a arrow. Pointing skyward. Tried, tested and true north. Like plants, trees seek to do no matter what the side hill surface or un-level rocky, barren terrain.

Straighten out your life by little adjustments to maintain balance, a shortest course, to practice moderation. Maine is a good place to get your head screwed on correctly. Not matter what happened prior to landing, spending time in Vacationland. Get rest, understanding in the place with the space. A common theme in this simple living Maine blog post series of hunt and peck recycled electron displays.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker