Maine Is Clean, Fun, Lakes, Ponds, Rivers.
Make Like A Maine Moose, Get Up To Your Neck In Cool Natural Water.

Seeking outdoor recreational water for relief, it’s what the Maine wildlife do and we follow their lead.

In Vacationland there are a slew of waterfront playground options to cool off, get refreshed. To entertain when the heat increases. Things dry out, get crispy, parched around you. And you feel thirsty and want to beat the heat. Shift into high gear on the Maine summer living channel.

But regulations, protections apply on how to use, develop the Maine waterfront with shore land zoning rules. Checks and balances in place to safeguard the environment we all enjoy. To protect it. Be a good steward and respect the waterfront quality we all treat with kindness in Maine.

This Maine moose has the right idea as sunset approaches, a Saturday night bath is started.

When interrupted, and suddenly this guy with a camera shows up on the scene in the middle of no where, in the deep Maine woods. Toting a long glass front shooting iron where the only ammo is an empty SD digital card to fill with images, photos. To bag, tag, take home. Upload online to share, not hog all to yourself. To tease using Maine eye candy. Because it is not like this everywhere.

Get to Maine to sample the waterfront living.

Bring the fishing tackle, a good book for the hammock. Something to slurp on, ice cold to drink. A thick, juicy slab of marinaded fresh meat to toss, frisbe on to the red hot sizzling grill. To make the shift of focus fine tuned and up close. To one that’s a thousand yard stare away. Off, out over the waterfront in Maine that we are some kind of blessed with, overloaded with in options for recreational down time detachment. To just let go.

To fully relax and like the long cord on your old kitchen telephone when held up.

Set free. To spin and uncoil, unwind. Rid of knots, twists, tightness. If you just get to Maine. Make the escape to the place with all the space. The fewer but way way friendlier people.

Clean, fun, unspoiled and uncrowded. That is what you find in Maine when talking waterfront options for Vacation. For rest and relaxation therapy away from the grind of chasing the dollar. Maybe being pinned to a wall by an unforgiving office desk that outweighs you. But you are gaining on it as the mid waist inner tube blossoms, inflates. And if you don’t get away soon, you will be wearing the truck tire size ring for the duration of your shortened life. Loosen your tie. Heck remove it all together and as Joe Cocker says “you can leave your hat on.”

Maine, don’t stay away so long.

You are not the real you when you are anywhere else. You don’t need a lot of money, just to pencil in, schedule some time to head north. Far enough into the state where a large wallet is not necessary. And the distractions, fun stuff to experience does not cost an arm, leg or a duplicate organ to finance, fund.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker