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Hang On, To Stay In The Boat We Need Each Other.

On the way to youngest son’s graduation from Colorado College, aboard the silver bird scanned a kindle version of a good read.

Brennan Manning’s The Ragamuffin Gospel. Although never thought of God as a bean counter, that tallies up our mistakes and hangs his head in shame. I was brought up with my Mom especially preaching God is pure omnipotent, all knowing love.

Extending grace and preaching moderation in striving to do better.

To stretch, not get comfortable and to read, pray, search. Improving, acknowledging areas where we are weak to grow stronger in faith. To become more and realize in that growth will come missteps, missed cues, valuable red flags not seen. Losing our way on the lighted path of right and wrong. But not to stand still, lay blame or become lazy in all we do for our families, all our relationships. To have faith. That it is all about providing others enrichment that surround, are all around us in life.

Forgiving ourselves, others and to count your blessings the pretty much meat and potatoes of what my three older brothers and I were taught, shown. Be joyful and realize it’s all about what is in your heart and the sincerity, the driving force passion of what you do. For the right reasons. Without cloud of judgement caused by a nasty habit of “stinking thinking“. Look for the good, practice moderations, find solutions. Work together to find a common, center ground when storms come up.

To not just labor in earnest on your faith for some future day when really needed.

Like breaking the glass to get to the fire alarm lever. But to use it, apply it and “dress” for the day putting on the spiritual garments needed to be strong, to do good.

Brennan Manning died this past Friday. But that is the power of the written word that lives on. And all of us can glean, apply and unlock mysteries that we need to for a richer, more fulfilling life.

In this day and age of slick spin, insincerity and a blur of events, tasks that weakens, wearies us all, Brennan Manning’s work read by members of U2, so many around the world is brutally refreshing.

Exposing how we are imposters. Uncovering, shining bright glaring lights for all to see as he uncovers self hate habits of being beat down. And instead the urgency to find the pathway to self acceptance. To surround yourself with others that do too. Building, filling up on and extending grace to have the peace so many find elusive, fleeting. And keeps them in the dark, lost, searching.

I am looking forward to reaching for more of his work to add to the spiritual journey we are all on to seek answers, understanding. To be better people with a purpose to benefit others around us in new, different, exciting uplifting ways. There are so many great minds like CS Lewis to delve into, discover and improve your viewpoint on life. And the direction you should be gently guiding it.

Maine, you will like the space, the unspoiled four season setting. Spend time finding out what you have put off, has been missing in your life in the outdoor jaw dropping, heart throbbing natural beauty

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