Guiding Miane Kids, Youth With Team Sports.
The Coaches, Kids In Small Maine Towns Have All The Fun.

In small town Maine, you know most of the folks around you.

It is true that the village raises your kids and watch the process of growing up more closely. Because everyone in the small population pitches in, has a hand in shaping, molding the next generation.

The excitement, spark, energy of young kids anxious to master a sport that is brand new is fun to coach. No matter now busy or action packed, over booked a business day, in a small Maine town the entire mental landscape can change practically with the snap of your fingers. Quickly the dress shirt, tie and loafers can be whipped off and replaced with shorts, sneakers and a t shirt. To bee line to the local community park. To practice for a game. Or get the kids on your roster prepared for one that gets underway at 5:30 or early evening.

Win or lose there is an ice cream from the local Maine dairy bar waiting.

To enjoy by players, parents, family and coaches. And for discussion about the game or be brought up to date about other events around the community. Who’s sick, what business is expanding or struggling. Other events happening that the same group will move on to help orchestrate in the small Maine town. Where everyone pitches in, is more involved working those events. You have more of a personal stake, skin in the game so to speak in a small Maine town. Working the activities, not just showing up to attend them. Year after year being of local service.

Do you coach sports teams? Help out with musical, church, other school youth events? As your own kids grow up, the tendency to stay involved happens in Maine. Because the core group helping pull them off the events, programs worries if they don’t the events won’t continue. Will collapse, leave a void. And knowing how much your own kids enjoyed the programs spurs you on. And not wanting to deny the same worthwhile treatment for the next crop of kids.

Hockey, little league baseball, soap box derby, basketball, soccer, tennis, 4 H farm programs, girl and boy scouts, church camps, musical and children’s theatre…the list of sports, fine art events to help mentor go on and on in a Maine small town.

Where kids are king, queen and the source of our greatest pride, joy. They are our future. The most worthwhile investment of our time, attention, skill set.

Maine, small town proud, more involved and rewarding living happens here in Vacationland. Come sample her beauty, then just try and stay away. Good luck with that.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker