The colors of Maine, pretty spectacular when Jack Frost does his wind up fall brilliant artistry before winter arrives.

But other times of the year in Maine, color abounds. Is a backdrop for the memorable moments outside while enjoying nature. The peace, quiet, serenity. Fall should not hog all the limelight of Maine’s color wheel.

In spring, it is not fair to say everything turns from burnt brown, to just green.

No no, the shades of green are off the chart. Like Maine tourmalines. From fiddlehead green to the variations that lush new buds, sprouts, shoots, tree canopies can have. There is an explosion of green with generous amounts of blue applied from water or sky. And everyday depending on the weather, the season, your mood, it is always a daily special of something new, vibrant, real, alive. The colors of Maine hit differently with every exposure.

Here are some shades of green, blue…I collected in Maine.

Maine, Find Your Own Island, Special Private Space, Place.
Colors, Green And Blue Happen A Lot In A Zillion Shades, Variations In Maine.

Maine Loon Fishes, Paddles By.
Looking For A Snack That Swims. Maine Loons Are Patient, Musical, Beautiful.

Maine Farms, Open Land Are Green, Blue.
The Backdrop Of Maine Green And Blue Expand Around You.

Maine Outdoor Blue...Which Shade?
Maine, Try To Describe Which Shade Of Blue, White Happening Here.

Maine Winters, Look For The Color.
A Hint Of Warm Red Brown, Blond Mane With Maine Winter Black, White, Gray.

Maine, More Than One Shade Of Green.
Not Just One Shade Of Green Describes Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker