Sit Back, Take It All In. Maine.
Outdoors, No Office Desks, No Deadlines. Your Outdoor Therapy.
Like to get away, step out side of your self?

Take new steps to avoid the same old same old rut you may be stuck in.

Turn off the nightly national news. Put down the newspaper from the big city and think fun.

For a few hours no more steady diet of scary headlines, crime riddled shocking stories. But instead changing the inner channel to humorous. Laughing hard from down in your belly. Your eyes watering as you try to catch your breath.

Side splitting comedy opens you up.

Especially when the humor, comedy is about Maine where you live. Or wished you did. If planning to someday become a resident of Vacationland. Nothing relieves stress, brings your body and spirit back into balance quickly like hearing something funny. Getting caught up in the infectious laughter in the crowd around you after the same medicine, experience.

Laughter relaxes the whole body and there are many kinds, brands of humor too. The shock and awe, borderline crude of a late night R rated cruise ship comedian. Where you don’t want to sit down front and become part of the show. Where heckling, almost abuse can happen with others thinking glad that is not me they swung the hot spotlight on to become the brunt of the joke. Where humor is at the expense of someone in the audience, one of your peers.

Today we are talking about subtle, dry, Downeaster Maine humor.

With colorful expressions unique to the Pine Tree State. Lots of pauses to let the gist of the tale, yarn sink in. Space to properly seat. More of a man on the street observation, philosophical approach to life salt and peppered with Maine colloquialisms.

I first listened to Tim Sample, Maine humorist on record when spinning them in Bangor Maine for a living. He would go on about his favorite band, the Dubious Brothers from Lewiston Maine. And their classic, never to be forgotten hit “If you want to keep your six pack cold, just park it next to my ex wife’s heart”. And other bits that were centered around Maine Mister Man. At a time when most comedy was national in origin chummy. Not so close to the home grown, the roll your own Maine kind, twist Tim Sample uses so well. Perfected over the years as a true Maine-ah.

May 11th at 7pm you and I have a chance to see, hear, laugh with Tim Sample.

He’ll have a stool center stage, a cup of coffee in hand as he updates us on Maine affairs. Past and present. The Houlton Community Arts Center on 7 Bird Street, Houlton Maine is the venue for the night show. Tickets are $20 at the door. Or save an Abe Lincoln by picking them up at York’s Book Store. Or get ’em online.

Tim Sample Early Comedy, Humor Skit On A Maine Stage Video.

Tim Sample’s show is geared for all ages, family rated. Nothing to fear. No squirming in the new auditorium seats from uncomfortable dialogue is going to happen at this performance. And coming right on the heels of Tim’s oxford colored penny loafers is another Maine comedian stand out, Bob Marley on June 1st.

Learn more about the good things happening on stage, behind the scenes at the Houlton Community Arts Center. Houlton Maine, you can get here-ah from there-ah. Distances, calculating drive time, the mileage to Houlton Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker