Natural Maine Flowers Are Prettiest.
Discovering Wild Maine Flowers On A Trail Walk Prettier Than Store Bought Cut Ones.

We live in a time of more is available but have turned the corner to simpler is healthier, easier, less hassle.

No longer are the choices for ice cream just chocolate and vanilla. Or grape nut was a crowd favorite years ago all because all there was for flavoring. Seasoning when the crank started.

Something really special was not the norm, unpredictable. Did not happen all the time. The real diary cream that was sold not consumed by the farmer was carefully poured. Mixed and wrapped in an iced cylinder to rotate by hand. Take one or the other flavor and be glad there is any new ice cream at all to enjoy kids. Did not occur often. Limited selection caused less chaos or scrambling to provide a larger array of choices too. No stainless steel three door Frost Queen with a full armament of Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey or Cherry Garcia at your beckon and call. Do you think our problem is too much of a good thing and being spoiled? Expecting the whole nine yards as a given, a right, automatic privilege with money to burn to make it happen?

And cartoons not just on television Saturday mornings.

Their own channels, pick your pleasure. Any time. Not just one day a week. And like restaurants that only offer breakfast similar to how McDonald’s still does, with set, limited just over certain hours. Slowly all that is being blown open. Stripped away.

Because people want, can pay for a longer run of what they want. And because the set time available for when it was offered does not always dove tail with their busy lives. They started to miss out on the short windows of opportunity they always made time to catch because it was hit or miss. Snooze and lose. But now it is we may doze, but we are always open. In business, recreation, anything. Available when you are. Like twelve minute speed dating.

Round the clock, twenty four hour availability of a product, service is expensive to pull off. Especially when adding the extra stress of just in time inventory. Businesses have to be lean, mean, well run and without slack or wrinkles. Or they cease to exist. Their doors get nailed shut, interiors go dark. They get gobbled up, swallowed whole by other fish.

How did it happen?

The shift from what made you happy being home made, natural, easy does it moderation. To drive through quick, want it now and step on it. No matter the cost. Hurry. Learning how to relax out in natural surroundings was easier when most people made their living outdoors. Heck not that long ago, 96% of Americans were farmers. Owned a patch of dirt or worked for someone that did. Breaking even was considered a good year. Money was taken out of the equation as the end all fuel to drive the consumption. Grown your own, not peel off a couple twenties to buy what you make your own. With a squeak squeak of an overloaded wire shopping car headed for the express lane of nine items or less.

It was not a case of ignorance is bliss. More a combination of not having a slew of other options or the extra money stuffed in the pocket to exercise them. So more reliance on your own wits. Perseverance to obtain something you wanted by a beefed up do it yourself skill set called into action. And the take away a feeling of self sufficiency.

Not died to the dollar. And a greater awareness of the natural beauty around us. And gratitude that so much was good in your life. With the counting your blessings exercise performed several times a day as a constant reminder. A habit that all you had was more than enough. Especially if the people around you were healthy, alive. That was enough.

When we started pulling away from family first, needing each other for support and a helping hand, replaced with the financials to buy whatever we want, something happened.

There were missing elements. The joy of being in the moment, all caught up with our chores and space, time created for less leisure, it was more delicious. Intoxicating. Than having the world is your oyster at your finger tips, your beckon and call. Think money corrupts, creates less sensitivity for others? Christmas is available all year long in stores dedicated to the big Ho Ho Ho day.

Daily I hear the same whine, complaint that life is flying by and the person out of state is feeling left behind.Trapped, and not happy. For a long time they did not know what was missing. Where they are has to change because too many pushy, honking, hollering people that don’t have smiles on their face. Too much non stop pushing and shoving. Delays, deadlines, rush rush rush. It’s not healthy.That’s not Maine. You’re not you unless you squeeze in more time in a place, with the space like Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker