Maine Outdoors Photos, Images, Collect Them.
Collecting Magic Moments In Maine…. Shoot Them. Capture Them Because Time Goes By.

Beautiful Maine photos, pictures, images, you can carry around in your head and heart the scenic backdrops in your travels here in Vacationland.

But snapping, capturing, preserving the pixels with photos, images of Maine that are shared is an important exercise too. So you can enjoy the experiences, settings in Maine over and over. And so can others on the same journey with you online.

I have a Flickr Maine Photostream that I feed on a regular basis. The images reflect the season we are heading into, or packing up and leaving behind in the four ride rotation. Each of Maine’s seasons is special. But the same places visited at a different point on the calendar can create an entirely different experience. Have found that especially true during my Maine lighthouse collecting process.

The same lighthouse in Maine when you discover it by bike and when you meet neat people during the photo op is entirely different when you revist alone during the winter months.

When instead of dressed in biking compression shorts, high tech breathable jersey top the wool mittens are on. A layer or two of winter outdoor ski gear insulates the body. The sea mist from the air temperature difference that early morning creates a fairy tale atmosphere. The sound of sea gulls, navigation bells and lapping salt water on the coastal rocks. And there is no chit chat exchange with other tourists and swapping of pleasantries. It is just you, the creator and today, the moment. And at the end of the day, none of us, you or me are quite the same as when we rise and shine.

The images collected at the same Maine place come out completely different when the season changes during the revisit.

Like the way an old favorite song can affect you depending on other events going on, being juggled in your busy life. The creative approach to how to shoot the Maine spot today can make the familiar place completely different. Like dancing, kissing, singing, no two times are the same when with a different person. And sharing, creating the moment. The images are not duplicate from the last visit. The approach creates a whole new image collection. And subsequently it becomes not the same output on the other end of the creative process with the camera.

The raw winter winter and cobalt blue skies and not having to share the tourist attraction in the snowy months hits the photographer in an entirely different way. In places untouched inside the last visit. Sometimes video of Maine outings added to the media hoopla. The show and tell with natural sound and 30 to 50 “photos” or frames per second can take it to the next level of tractor beaming the voyeur online to Vacationland.

Maine, bring your camera, start an album and share the experiences you collect in the Pine Tree State.

Any season, for any reason, get to Maine often. Don’t be a stranger, don’t keep her waiting. You only cheat yourself when you stay away and neglect her.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker