Local Musicians Create The Tunes, Entertain.
Maine Is Simple Living, Basic And Loaded With Common Sense.

Living high on the hog is not a sport, lifestyle perfected in Maine.

Rural states with less population like Maine raise families to take care, respect what they have. To save for a rainy day. To live within or below your means. So you can sleep nights without worry. And provide for your family, create a stable household that is not used to deficit spending. That lacks the galloping gimmees.

Not having debt all around you, driving a twelve year old car you bought used or “pre owned” for cash is Maine.

Knowing you could step out and buy something new and flashy. But say pass. Not needed. Or other areas of your life need the resources more. Like the roof that has curled, aged shingles. And that lost a few tabs during the big January wind and snow storm. And if you don’t replace that roof this year, the expense in water damage next spring will be three times the investment of a few squares of asphalt today.

Deferred maintenance is never a good thing on Maine buildings that get lots of weather.

But being up against it, like the hot stove a child touches only once, can be a sobering, never forgotten life lesson.

The assumption that financial success will automatically follow you forever is like the roaring twenties hay day gitty feeling right up to just before the stock market crash. Ad people in the cities started jumping out sky scraper windows in distress, panic, grief when they lost everything.

In Maine our value is not always tied to something purchased, that has money or plastic exchanged for it. Because Maine living is kept simple, basic, real and honest. What is important, our priorities revolve around the family. Enjoying the four seasons of nature. Extend to the local community that we all are members of and pitch in to improve. To find our place, hone are skills and apply them to the local Maine town we feel fortunate to live, work and play in. Home made food is often the payment received for a good deed done too. There are some amazing cooks in Maine. Around every corner, creating covered dishes, sweets, breads, rolls to die for.

As a kid I remember the feeling of two dollar a barrel Maine potato years.

And did not like it, am not a fan of debt. Realize it is necessary for business expansion, to buy a home but learned that mortgages, revolving credit card cycles are not easy to swallow. And to be avoided whenever possible. The feast or famine two step is Maine or any kind of farming, small business keeps your head clear. Part of what makes you resilient, disciplined, creative. And always looking for no or low cost recreation which Maine is famous for any season.

Being without debt can make you feel wealthy, prosperous because nationally it is not the norm. In a day and age where the average credit card debt around your neck nationally is $17,0000. Where the cost of a typical USA wedding is $27,0000 which does not guarantee marital bliss or compatibility. And starts the not tied with debt surrounding it. That can lead to more and more borrowing until snap. It breaks. Everyone loses. The kids always the most.

Debt can become like a disability you wish you did not have but that has followed you most of your life. And you may have been raised in a household that was always on the brink of financial disaster. So it can feel normal, commonplace. Get to Maine, find a home for seasonal recreation use or full time retirement that you can own outright. No mortgage going in, coming out. Free and clear. Plain and simple. Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker