Maine Kids, Grow Up Close, Tight, Together.

The role of grandparents in help raising the next generation is invaluable.

But sadly not if the grandparent and their kids, the grandchildren are many states away from each other. And once, maybe twice a year if everyone is lucky can afford to link up. Spend time together for the wisdom, life experiences. To share the family history, the stories that all have lessons that rub off and shape the newer members. That get passed down as the circle continues.

When your kids are fully grown and out of the house, the impact of grandparents involvement becomes even more obvious.

When they mention stories that you did not share, teach them but that the grandparent did. Helping the parents make sure everything needed for survival, a happy full life with rich experiences happens. That is love, family, and grandparents have a very important role in holding everything together in the process.

Teaching values, developing beliefs, sharing the important life skills like saving for a rainy day. To be grateful for what you have. To work hard to do the right thing. To believe in yourself. To be ever mindful of the needs of others around you. To think of the greater good, making things better than they were without you pitching in, trying to help. Grandparents stop into little league games, have weekly meals and the table talk benefits the entire family. Go to musicals at school and church pageants.

They shadow, shepherd and are the voice of reason.

The calming soothing voice and hand reach out, hug when the child needs it the most. The talks on an open porch. The counselor before 55 minute paid sessions with a stranger, non relative who does it for a living. Not out of unconditional love alone. The grandparents have the experience, to share affectionately. They deserve respect and are vital to rounding out the child in a small Maine town.

Sometimes the grandparent is doing the primary job of child raising the second crop of kids too. Not just adding bits and pieces to the childhood but even more hands on. With a direct, distinct role day in and out as a care giver. That love, dedication, goodness directed to the grandchildren. Who are right there through the same family ups and downs, life struggles and triumphs. And with a wealth of knowledge to draw from due to living longer, learning much through life.

Nearly 2.5 million grandparents raise the grandchildren. Have given up retirement, their personal plans put on hold. Dedicating their lives to getting grandchildren raised. Sometimes because the primary parents are not willing, not able to do the full time child raising job.

When you are lucky enough to live near your grandparents and they are the type to pitch in and stay actively involved in the grandchildren’s life, it is a very good thing.

In small town Maine, the village raises the children. And grandparents have the time, finances, experience to make a difference in a child’s life. And have their own enriched in the process.

Maine, big state, more space, friendlier people.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker