Travel Light, Only A Few Tools Needed In Maine.
Fix What Ails You When You Have The Galloping Gimmees. Get To Maine.

Communication, not just the kind that is open pie hole, engage voice box and let her rip.

Start production ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls from the heart. To make sure everyone can hear you using your recess voice, indoors or out. No, now it is more watch, listen, purchase what will dramatically change your life for the better. Promoters, exploiters around you and I create desires to fill the increasing void, the hunger and thirst. Using a ray gun effective steady bombardment of marketing messages. To radiate, attack and wear down from 360 degrees.

Lots of busy beavers chipping away, replacing the inside job of just being content, grateful, happy with your lot in life.

The self generated, not store bought satisfaction with labor. To work smarter not harder. With find happiness outside yourself using currency and credit. To reach out, grab hold and give her a heck of a yank. To the big golden ring of affluence.

To show everyone hello, you have arrived. With all the bells and whistles that come with status. To need to be noticed. In the public eye and envied. Reminding yourself you deserve better than most. Looking around, trying to emulate the pretty people. To fit in. To follow their shadow and learn dance steps foreign to the way you were raised.

Embracing commercialism, and the pursuit of stuff becomes a passionate sport.

The kind the advertising media blitz to round the clock. In highly creative, manipulative ways to create an ache, a longing. An addiction that dims, silences common sense thinking. Move it on over. To create space, room in the heart and head of Jonathan and Janie Doe for a reality of the good life today. Not the square, provincial thinking that fueled, sustained your parents, the set of grandparents on each side of the DNA swimming inside you.

That mirage fed, seeded, sowed into a fertile mental topsoil. A bed in the grey matter that more and moremakes us painfully aware that something is missing in your life that is real, genuine, satisfying. The power of suggestion happens with too much free time and boredom settling in like a blinding Maine harbor fog socks in the inhabitants of a quaint sea coast town.

Maine Is Outdoors. Fun.
Maine, The Playground Is Free. You Just Have To Get Here. She’ll Take Care Of The Rest.

When personal satisfaction no longer comes from within a person.

But to those who order our product or service in the next fifteen minutes only. And reminding all mesmerized and deer in the headlights listening, watching that this special, limited time offer is available to only the next thirty callers. That’s all she wrote.

With strange exotic sitar music, smoke and mirror images, catchy sound bites and exotic video loops. All carefully stitched together. So you can not see the reverse seams. Doing better needlepoint than Frankenstein’s builder. A more sophisticated, polished presentation on the power point overhead projector. Now showing, playing what they’re saying on the back of the inside of your head. Between your ears, behind the eyeballs.

The shift in society from work less, or at least smarter not harder, work the system not your back has caused unhappiness to increase. Gain without pain, any sweat. How can that be? If we are more affluent than ever, are surrounded by stacks, towering boxes and boxes of stuff we could not live without or were told we could not? The independent stand on your own two feet and be happy replaced with dependent, with quarters in a parking meter temporary relief. As you rent, not own space. As you shop til you drop. The guy or gal with the most stuff at life’s final curtain call wins. Then let’s roll up the overhead door and have one massive garage sale.

Have we forgotten grateful and replaced with resentful?

Started to blame others for our unhappiness caused from greed to we must have more? Drive through quick, with speed of thought gratification. Our craving is never satisfied. Because it reverberates like feedback frequencies that start a vicious worm hole cycle of building and building. Self generation, oscillating, amplifying until you cover your ears, cover your eyes. And start to shrink, stoop, go to your knees. To just make it stop. Knowing it will not be satisfied except by feeding it more. That’s the problem. You have created a jealous master that consumes the consumer.

Maine is a simpler place. Where we learn to cope with respect of what’s around us. With humor to displace the tension, unhappiness. And to take ownership, be grateful for what we have. Not project our problems on to the backpacks, the shoulders of someone else. Get health, get happy in Maine, and you can weather whatever storms life throws at you. And become strong, more at peace because of them with the right perspective, approach to living the way life was meant to be. Always was, that is Maine today.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker