Find Yourself In Maine.
Any Season, For Any Reason, Maine Has The Trail You Should Be On. Need To Be Traveling.

Life is a balancing act of eat your peas, don’t run with scissors, think of others, count your blessings.

Becoming new and improved is not from something you buy online, pick up off a store shelf. It’s a lot of believing in something outside yourself. So become less you, concentrate on more for the greater good happens slowly. Because we are a selfish people, taught to be in today’s society of me me me. A tad self absorbed.

Rocked polished by sand and surf, winds and stone like sea glass from living in Maine.

Smoothed rough and jagged edges. Learning how they got there, how to make scars and scrapes badges of courage, faith, and joy. Maine is a state where there are less people, more wildlife and the outdoor living is the playground for our families. Taught to respect nature, to thrive on her beauty. To seek her out for understanding, answers to life’s many mysteries. And our source of joy, its foundation bedrock. To keep it blue sky, fresh air and deep wood simple green. Your awareness levels high, your gratitude a constant when you spend time in Maine’s outdoors. Atop Mt Katahdin, Cadillac hiking. Wearing boards pointed downward at Sunday River or Sugarloaf. Looking out over the jaw dropping vast expanse.

Like tumblers on a complicated bank vault on a timer, one by one they click into place to create the right combination. At the precise time they are suppose to in life. No hold up, no bank heist excitement in the lobby has to unfold for drama. If frustration, impatience does not rob your focus. Being ready for what lies behind locked doors is what we all prepare for, to become more. Through wisdom, exercise mind stretching and many lessons that we never stop needing educational refresher credits on. Hopefully to not cease longing for as we graduate to a higher level. Or stay back another year until we get it. To finally move on, advance to a new set of equations. Usually involving other people. How to get along, why we need each other, how come things roll the way we do on the stage around all of us.

With four seasons like Maine has, the backdrop is never the same food, meal, “dining experience”.

Everything beautifully different. Ever changing, never ho hum, carbon copy. Because each season ushers in new hope. Casts different lighting like the longer shadows of approaching spring in the winter image above. Can you smell her air, feel it’s hope for buds, flowers, leaves and lush green? A familiar set of memories good and bad flood in with the smells, sights, sensations.

Bitter sweet and in between results, acceptance for a reason not immediately known of it just is what it is. Don’t stay sad, change the angle of your perspective. Come at your life from a different direction. See it in another light from outdoors in Maine.

Mature understanding blossoms, blooms as the reason everything unfolds the way it does becomes crystal.

And realizing it is not just about you, me, but something much greater. Higher level, up a deck or two on the cruise ship of life. Don’t get bogged down. Relax and let the natural current guide you. Trust in things you don’t understand, that you can not see. Get freed up in the space in the place called Maine. Latch on to a Maine lighthouse.

Recalling the comfort, warmth of being raised in a loving household with other family members. As you look over your shoulder. Turning, then looking forward to see adventure, time set aside for doing more of what you enjoy ahead. The barbs that hurt can be removed once they are found, the wounds addressed. Adding a few extra events to the play bill as obligations change, the daily load lessen. It all helps with the adjustment, change up. Settling in to focus on today. To live in the here and now. That’s the healthy perspective we can lose in the hurry scurry busyness when just no no no time as Burton Cummings sings.

We are all pretty fortunate, lucky, should be happy and content in Maine.

If the 20-20 perspective we accept in life is for now, this is as good as it gets. But with a lot of thought, an equal amount of effort and dedication to be more, there is nothing in the World holding you back from being way more. Remove your crutches, one by one identify your insecurities, and have faith, belief in something outside yourself to fly higher. Maine is a place with the stage all set to do that. Because the clutter is gone, removed and what you see if what there is. Unspoiled, wall to wall surround sound and sight beauty.

Not pretentious, not stilted or stiff.

The people here are fewer in number but stronger, more abundant in spirit. Because more emphasis is on the individual who develops more perseverance to squeeze, ring, collect more out of what there is to work with which is more than enough. Rather than waste a lifetime of lament, worry, discouragement about what they wished they had and felt cheated because it did not arrive during their stay on Earth.

Mainers accept the way it is for a reason and are good with that. Life is good. Life is fair, truth will set you free. But not until I dig in, decide there is much more. And to not get distracted chasing the wrong set of star patterns. And only you and I hold each other back in the climb to get ahead. To improve our lot in life. Buckle up, turbulence ahead but like the bucking bull, you get better at surviving the ride.

Maine, come see what the motto means “the way life should be”. Put things in order, organize your thoughts, beef up your values and beliefs with real, genuine, honest Maine living. Don’t keep her waiting. Try not to stay away so long.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker