If you don’t live in Maine, then spending more time here is on your bucket list.

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Maine. Being “High Up” Is On The Bucket List.

But above and beyond Maine, what else is on your New Year’s resolution list?

Learning to fly is one of mine. And no, not just from a cockpit but to “feel like a bird”. Not with a plane super structure and plastic around you but having the freedom beyond free falling. Arching your back and climbing. Lowering your shoulders and diving.

Far fetch and crazy? Not really. Your body is the fuselage with a little jet fuel and some back packs and a flying wing strapped on. Kept simple so you can adapt to a new “power” of movement besides walking, running, biking, hiking, skiing or other methods.

Watch What Eight Minutes Of Fuel Can Do Flying Video.

Yves Rossy is Jetman.

Whether over the Grand Canyon or Swiss Alps, the sensation to fly must be a detachment from Earth. Letting go and soaring. Gliding, high speed air travel when you are in first class all by yourself. Without the crystal stem glassware or heated towels.

No worries about leg room.

You have total. No cramps, charlie horses with knees in your chest for hours for you. No aisle or window seat options needed thank you very much. No lines with TSA agents. Your wing is your carry on. The in-flight movie is all around you. 360 degrees surround sight and sound and you are in it. You catch yourself laughing. Feel joy, peace, achieve understanding. Above the petty day to day drama of reality with all those people left behind.

Goggled eyes watering from the emotion, not velocity and due to the sheer deep down inside touched rush. An unknown sensation that you think must be one of a kind, the ultimate. But have no actually frame of reference or past carnival, Disney ride experience with this level of freedom. Or awareness. Yeah. Like an out of body, stairway to heaven like high altitude inner joy ride.

Not worked up anymore about the oil needs changing in the Jeep.

Or how many more payments on the house loan still to be made. Or anything other than total sensory explosion, over dose. Pegging, making the meter needle move. Above the roar of the day to day chasing the dollar. Pounding the pavement. You feel closer to God. You are.

If flying over Maine, around Baxter Park, Sugarloaf Mountain, the Allagash Wilderness Waterway or along the rock bound craggy coastline dotted with lighthouses and quaint harbor sea villages.
That’s what I want for Christmas. To look forward to in 2013.

What is on your bucket list of have to do’s before your days on Earth are done? For fun, to unlock, unplug in Maine. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year Me In Maine Blog readers, followers. Thanks for stopping in. Scanning the hunt and peck of recycled electrons that means no trees were harmed in this media presentation.

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