Catelli Macaroni Products In Canada.
Time To Eat Canadian Food Product... Like Catelli Macaroni.

When you live in Maine, there’s lots of outdoor natural fun to be had right in state.

But the lure of crossing the Vacationland border into Canada, whether Quebec on the west, New Brunswick or the Atlantic provinces on the east. Both create a strong tug of the heart.

Dad’s mom Bessie was 100 percent Canadian.

A nurse, a Burtt from Burtt’s Corner. As a kid growing up, trips to winter carnival in Quebec City and staying at the Hotel Frontenac still create strong family vacation memories. Winter Canival sliding down frozen ice luge like carved, steep hill side paths on a toboggan. Ice skating, eating French cuisine and wondering as a small kid what the folks around me in Quebec were actually saying. Two boys brought up as knee high to a grasshoppers through the ranks of Canadian border town minor hockey add to the familiar, comfortable feeling. Because of the in and out of a slew of Canadian ice arenas. That all that poutine consumption can cause.

This past weekend, headed east to Fredericton new Brunswick. To walk the heart of the city, sample some local dining fare, wander around one huge mall. And tour a legislative 1880 Victorian brick building that happened to be open for a boy scout convention underway at the same time as the tour. All these years living in Maine and just figuring out the Fredericton is the provincial seat, not St John was a surprise.

Watching lots of Canadian television programming growing up because two of the four off air signals were maple leaf branded.

Beamed in to the antennae on the Maine farm house roof. I somehow missed this point of where all the laws were made, modified or repealed. Do remember Hockey Night In Canada, The Friendly Giant, Mr Dress Up, Time For Juniors with Jeanie Woods amateur talent telecasts. And the CBC version of local and national news. The weather in metric. All the Catelli macaroni commercials, other products you could not buy on this side of the border when pushing, filling a grocery shopping cart.

When you live in a small Maine border town, the food stores and hardware outlets have a little of everything.

As you enter a huge Emerald City feeling Sobey’s Canadian grocery store the abundance, wide selection of grocery items amaze. Eye open a shopper not used to the quantity of foodstuff offerings. Pastries and cheeses, fondue sauces, broths and lots of European feeling items to stock the food pantry with vaguely familiar names attached to them from experiencing past Canadian television broadcasts. A fuzzy deja vu feeling can return that had been dormant, tucked away inside. Created back as a brown eyed small boy sitting spread eagle in front of a television set during dark winter hours in a Maine farm house growing up.

Snow Skiing In New Brunswick Canada Video.

Maine, Canadian Provinces included for no extra charge with the experience of your visit here to the Pine Tree State.

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