Snowsled ITS Trails In Maine Cleared, Groomed, Shaped For Better Riding.
Plowing Snow, Mainers Have Years Of Experience With Moving The White Stuff.

Getting ready for a Maine winter…because growing up can remember snow so high you could reach up, actually if crazy enough touch the wires along roads.

Snow, fluffy white stuff came steadily. It was that high. Had to be kept up with, not neglected. But we know how to deal with snow in Maine. Have the equipment, experience and less traffic to work around to move it. And not interrupt the day to day living in Maine.

With global warming and a tendency to be snow less Maine winters, a drought for the stuff needed to build a neighborhood fort out behind the family home has happened. Play with it in many other ways. So the winter snow handling preparation has lessened. Snow fences, like the slats of vertical wood and wire you see on sand dunes to help with beach erosion used to pop up around the countryside. To hold the drifting snow back from spilling into the roadway.

Staked, placed, put up along Maine highways prone for white out, drifting and poor visibility. In November before the ground frost deepened. And the mercury dropped, temperature dipped, state road / highway crews would uncoil the snow fencing. Roll it back up in the spring and toss it on the back of state of Maine highway crew trucks to head back to the warehouse garages.

Placing craft paper, canvass and then laying tree boughs around the Maine home foundation a ritual too.

To insulate, bank the Maine home for a warmer, toasty winter. Stocking the shelves in the cellar root pantry for canning, preserves to tap into over the winter. Sometimes along with filling up the wood shed, the cellar with cut and split logs made to just fit the heater stove, furnace. Sealing out the northwest winds, chinking the cracks, slots to help make heating the Maine home easier. To prevent a passage way for field mice hoping for a winter warm cushy Maine home with some food to nibble on over the holidays and into next spring.

Sometimes long roads, rows of cleared snow, paths running parallel along the Maine highways would be bulldozer installed.

To fill with snow as a container for shifting, blowing snow. Instead of the snowflakes doing the same fill up, foot upon foot accumulation on highways. That some winters were given round the clock attention to keep open, plowed, sanded. Pushed, winged back for better visibility coming out of Maine home driveways. How to plow a driveway after a Maine winter snowstorm video. Maine state road crews clearing the winter snow for traveling to and from work, for commerce, and emergency personnel put in some long, difficult hours with poor visibility, not a lot of sleep.

Maine Winter Snowstorm, Plowing Video

Maine winters, a time to snow sled, downhill ski, skate inside and out along with ice fishing. Snowshoeing or just holing up in front of a hot, blazing, crackling fireplace after being outdoor for work or a recreational workout in the white stuff. Maine has no bad seasons, you just have bad clothes or make poor choices if you are cold, wet, shivering and wonder why.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker