Maine, Loaded With Natural Beauty To Emotional Tractor Beam Real Estate Customers.
Find What You Are Missing, Looking For In Down Home Simple Maine.

Descriptions, wordsmith pictures designed to hit, spark emotional nerve endings.

To cause a stir in all the media message overload good and bad and in between whirling around us today. Advertising creativity, opinions aired and the spin of remarks election time creates make you tossed and turned. Pushed and pulled.

So back to the Maine farm fresh egg headline.

If the menu stated “Fresh eggs anyway you want them” that would be okay. But to pull you in, taking you by the hand to the Maine farm barn yard the hen lives at. Without chicken wire holding her in, giving you the sense she is a happy egg layer. Clucking merrily as she produced your just off the Maine farm egg for the eye opening breakfast.

And she “balk balk balk” lives another day. To hunt and peck. She was not the BBQ chicken being served up, to star in another later meal. Not losing her life to create this breakfast tummy pleaser now before you so all is well. Not an over easy fried or fluffy scrambled egg sitting in front of you trucked in from a factory farm either by the way. But a good old Waltonesque, Old MacDonald small scale local, simple, wholesome farm operation part of your breakfast meal this morning. Good night Jim Bob, Elizabeth et al. Ee-eye-ee-eye Oh!

I grew up on a Maine farm and we produced vegetables for the local area. Farm fresh and priced right with an extra piece of produce thrown in was all we had to do to have the driveway lined with customers. Keep them coming back to stuff cash in the corn jar that helped out the household farm income that spiked up and down depending on the market, the weather, other set backs or storms of life that happened right on schedule. With often imperfect, challenging timing.

Now more than ever presentation is everything.

Trumping substance, reality and made surreal. Tasting good is fine and dandy but looking good an absolute must. Being entertained by giving a cart ride towed by a team of horses or an antique Maine farm tractor is part of the dog and pony. Today I would have to load the customers in the rickety but quaint wagon to create an experience to go along with the Maine farm produce.

Why? Boredom of the consumer, more free time or just bankrolled to be able to pay more money for the Disney adventure in everything that is done today? Maybe happy, content is not enough any more. No no. We want over the top euphoria to happen. Center of attention “home runs” in everything done through the day in this great land of abundance, richness Columbus discovered called America.

And back to election banter, reaction to debates.

Talking heads picking up the same tired expressions for the lead in to the sound bites that are crisp, catchy, jammed packed with staying power. Like accolades, medals for the candidate’s quick jab come back to an attack comment retort that really “moved the needle on public opinion”. With a witty, saved up and in his pocket pre-packaged, just waiting to be released debate statement.

Primed, shaped, carefully carved for tomorrow’s bold print headline or anchor sound bite. “He or she got some major traction with that bold move to win the (geriatric, Asian, Hispanic, blue color or blue blood, etc) portion of the voting audience.”

How you say it, spin it comes as a given in the marketing of a product, service, ideal today. And like an Olympic medal event, reaction to the marketing like it is a sport is underway to gain attention. Be heard in the noisy crowd, to stand out and be noticed. To rattle a few bones, be noticed in a big way.

Maine, a place without all the hooplah, razzle dazzle, smoke and glass antics needed. Just simple, natural, pure and drop dead gorgeous. Get here quick as you can. Then just try and stay away once you have a taste, feel her tug on your heart strings in a good way. Thanks for being a faithful follower of the Me In Maine blog posts.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker