This Year's 17th Annual Northern Maine State Race Of Soap Box Derby Dedicated To Bill Weber
Bill Weber, Zoo Crew Of The Northern Maine Soap Box Derby Gang

This year’s Northern Maine Soap Box Derby race, the 17th annual running dodged rain drops.

The weather cooperated to get the boys and girls from around the state of Maine up and down the hill. To complete heats to advance to create the pair of stock and super stock winners. To head to Akron Ohio to represent Maine in the All American Soap Box Derby world series of down hill racing.

Images from this year’s 2012 Maine state derby race held in Houlton Maine, Aroostook County. Watch the videos and see the “thrill of the hill”. Derby racing is friendly, spirited, and teaches kids about mechanics of a car. Building one, maintaining one and along with parents, Uncle Bob, Aunt Sue or a big brother, sister, how to tweak. How to win and lose gracefully. To have fun with the learning curve like anything else in life worth pursuing.

Fine tuning and developing respect for the gravity derby racing car.

To get to the bottom quicker understanding the laws of physics, need for consistency. The luck of the heat sheet picks, compensating for the weather. And good sportsmanship, as this year’s memorial to Zoo Crew’s Bill Weber pointed out loud and clear to all at the 17th annual race.

Maine 2012 Soap Box Derby Racing Videos.

Maine, small town proud, family oriented. Kids know how to have fun. Adults do everything they need to on the local level to provide the stage. And to enjoy seeing the change from fear of the hill to the thrill, the grin of that long engineered two lane vertical highway. As the derby cars released topside pick up speed. Race along the cones to the electric eye timer at the end. Before everyone screams “brake”!

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