Learing To Get Around Without A Car... Using The River, Bikes.
Bikes, River Boat Travel, Anything But Just Cars Big In Places Like Amsterdam.

When you travel, the prominence of bikes as a mode of transportation is evident.

You and I groan about the price of gas as it spikes up, dips down below four dollars. In other areas try six to eight dollars a gallon in a country not so flush with cash, resources as the United States.

US gas prices have nose dived to the lowest level in 90 days at the time of the hunt and peck process of this morning’s blog post. The U.S. average regular gasoline pump price of $3.59 a gallon yesterday is down 35 cents from the 2012 high of $3.94 on April 4, according to AAA, the largest U.S. motoring group.

My average commute to work is 32 feet from home to the job as a Maine real estate broker.

It is handy to have the family home parked in the same door yard where the property listings are peddled. And with the Internet, our “office” is shifting to more and more on line, not fixed based positioned.

But back to bikes… and how they are gaining popularity in Maine.

Before you stratch your head thinking what about use in the winter and if they make studded snow tires for bikes, Maine does have three other seasons.

With a little better planning in the mornings, riding your bike to work in Maine that is 97% small rural town living just makes sense. Health wise, in the pocket book you sit on or the purse your carry. And environmentally. As the demand for gas continues to weaken, the dependence on it will lead to lower prices at the pump too.

As a kid in the country of Maine, houses next door were not “reach out and touch” close.

Getting to town to mow lawns for spending money. To hit an afternoon movie matinee, to the park for little league practice or visit with school friends was a big deal.

I remember a potato picking earned 3 speed, gold banana bike with a leopard patterned long seat and the feeling of pride as I tooled in to the parking lot of Lambert School. It was neat to be riding around the downtown. Being trusted by parents to bike in to town a whole new experience setting.

Biking Maine’s Acadia Carriage Trails Video.

Biking in Maine is growing in popularity. As a more conscious population thinking preventative health care measures becomes way much more aware. But besides recreational pleasure riding, saving some gas money and feeling better all the way around make biking a win win situation. Since 1992, the Biking Coalition Of Maine has worked hard to steadily improve the healthy habit in Vacationland.

Have ordered a bike hitch rack and not taking a banana bike out on the open road.

But exploring Maine’s many byways pedaling. Without need for a motor is an excellent consideration to add to your leisure time options list as you explore Maine. Find your place in the space of Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker