Outdoor Grilling, Cookouts In Maine Help You Inside Out.
Maine Vacations, Get Cooking Outdoors To See What's Up Deep Down Inside.

For years I thought outdoor BBQ food on a grill meant meat with a tinge of lighter starter fluid hydrocarbons.

Because before gas grills that we simply dial in, push an igniter button and “whoosh”, it was rip open a bag. Dump out a dose of charcoal briquettes.

With the three burner pretty swanky gas grill cooking stations, extra side “rings of fire” to steam the corn or clams, we’re cooking with gas now baby cakes.

Coal from charcoal took a little prep time and my Dad, the grillmaster growing up was not known for patience, or the necessary planning. Time was always a factor. Too little of it. The bed of glowing coals were already picture perfect ready for action AFTER the food had already been charbroiled, flipped, whisked off on to the platter. Before “let’s eat” was announced as the dinner bell triangle sounded.

Plus some of it hastens back to the 24 years of eating at 5pm sharp from farm schedules. So you could get back to the Maine potato fields during the critical planting, cultivating, spraying, harvest cycle around the anything but predictable weather. It was the nature of the situation to grin and bear it.

Sealing in the natural juices with a sizzle of searing so the specially prepared cut of meat does not become shoe leather dry and tough.

Spraying the meat slowly cooking with water, vinegar and other secret ingredient spices, seasoning. It makes me think of what we do daily. With what’s cooking inside of us. And how before you sear in what is in your heart, thoughts removing the junk with a little housekeeping every day is in order. So you and I can travel light. Filled with the good stuff. Joy, contentment, gratitude, peace, love.

To let go of the past hurts, mistakes, fears, insecurities. To remove not bury and pile on more junk for the trunk. To leave space for the hopes, dreams for the future. And so you can live in the moment, today which is the here and now all important. It requires time in our private spiritual gardens, for surrender.

What’s cooking inside you?

Does the world see a pretty together, sharp outside and think more of the same layers extend within, going deep? Not without daily work, exercise of all your falculties to maintain that sense of peace, inner joy. That’s where Maine comes in. Not to just working on the outside in, but the inside out approach to being your personal best. The total new you. So you have a crystal clear visible to all transparent inside and out. Have real genuine purpose, are an asset to others around you with the hidden talent array that all of us can prepare. Marinade in our own unique way, to develop, and cook slowly to create something beautiful, worthwhile for others. You find the little things that irritated, frustrated don’t have that power any more. You smile, take it all in stride with a new way of looking at things. As you start to conquer “stinking thinking“.

The natural outdoor beauty, the hardworking down to Earth, caring people of Maine make a tag team combination second to none.

Work on you, to be your personal best where there is not wall to wall people. No pushing or shoving. Where everyone is not chasing the dollar and thinking it is all about me. It is not. It’s about others and relationships are the most important goal to strive to protect, preserve, maintain to keep healthy and vibrant.

Get outdoors, get to Maine. And we’re not talking trying to make one long holiday weekend, a lone week’s vacation be the yearly vitamin to do the job either. Get to Maine as quick, as often as you can. Come for a day, stay a lifte time finding your place in the space of Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker