Nothing Like Local Little League Games In Maine To Warm The Heart.
Maine Little League, Being On A Bleacher, Cheering Under A Summer Sun. Priceless.

Had your tenth Maine high school reunion yet?

So many classmates are glad to see you and want to catch up on what is happening in your life. But a few that tool in with exotic cars and long stories of adventures as big as life can become a little snarky. Critical of small town living Maine is famous for and that is the big key to their success outside of Vacationland.

Mainers are not lazy.

And discrimination happens in a good way when in a large employment line the question comes up “who’s from Maine?” Raise your hand, you have a job. The word is out that Mainers know how to work, give a honest day’s labor for a fair wage. It is not all about the money and pride in what we do is part of the payment, reward.

The same few cats that start in on “I thought you were smarter than hanging around Maine” dialogue eventually admit they are jealous.

While they are stuck in hours and hours of traffic with not so friendly people to go short distances as life flies by, Maine small town living provides a different approach to living. No taser worn on your belt needed.

I can be done work, within a minute after leaving home, thirty two feet from my work and be at the little league ball field to help coach. Or hoot, holler, root for the home team riding a bleacher. With other “family first” folks to socialize between which team is taking the field. Which inning are we in, top or bottom? And the kids can ride their bikes to the practice or the early be at the park to hone their skills before the game too. No crime, less people, no traffic, friendly folks that are your neighbors that help raise the kids is why.

Service is big in a small area Maine home town.

Because the joy of pitching in for the common good is its own reward. And in small Maine towns not flush with cash, creative volunteer effort is the only way what needs doing would ever get done.

It’s not about the money, a larger salary, a big car that is an extension of an ego. It is about your purpose, what you are shaped to do for talent, skills. That you can like the covered dish public supper bring to the table. And plan that year after year that is your contribution to the small town community flavor.

Because tons of other local Maine people step up to do their part, in their own special way.

Not for recognition, but for their own personal satisfaction. We are all different, all can contribute in some small or big way. There is no shortage of avenues of service in a Maine small town.

Many involve activities your kids are in. But others are around hobbies, outdoor recreation. Passionate, fire in your belly areas that you can easily pitch in without effort. Not because you have to, because you want to. Heck need to. It’s all about relationships in life. Not glitter, gold, stuff.

Maine is simple living, that’s how we roll here. Don’t move here for the money, or to use it to impress. That card being played, layed down won’t work here. Come sample ME.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker