Maine Is Outdoors, Simple Living, Easy Going Natural Surroundings.
Maine Delicacy, Fiddleheads Are In Season Now, Taste Special With Vinegar.

Maine is a state where all of us living here try daily to keep it simple.

Not needing flash, show, lots of attention. Because most of that dog and pony is surrounded by insecurity. You are going to be very unhappy if impressing others with money, material objects is your primary goal in life. Prepare for deep disappointment if being better than someone else is the way you roll.

Maine people admire hard work, pitching in to make a difference for the common good of the small vibrant communities around the state. Finding your creative talents, purpose for being in a Maine community comes easy. Because the low population means everyone has to step up. Take their part in the role of the local flavor, spark of each and every Maine town.

We take the privledge of having kids seriously, raise Maine families that will do the same.

Using tough love, the word “no”, establishing limits, boundaries, household rules. Not just taking care of own needs. But putting the families, area’s ahead of our own in Maine. While enjoying a drop dead gorgeous natural four season setting only Maine can offer to round out the life experience. Striving to keep it simple, real, honest.

But being frank, a tad outspoken is part of the atmosphere, happens a lot in Maine too.

How you react to it is something you may need to work on. Getting tougher skinned, bucking up. Letting individuals be who they are, hearing them out and seeing the wisdom of what they say is key to being happy, content, at peace in Maine too. How candid are you, do you enjoy candor in other people? I have to be as candid, use candor in my Maine real estate practice daily.

But the truth, setting expectations early on on what you can deliver, what you can not. You do the best you can and look for ways to do even better. But improving situations, relationships with others takes time, consistent hard work. Careful study with help from others. By reading and polishing who we are. Seeing where we need to be.

But reality, and can you handle the truth happens, just like in the movies too.

Maine, we strive to get it right, not make the same mistakes over and over. And don’t take the easy route out of just blaming others when things go wrong. Not in the habit of taking all the credit when everything is going right. We try to be candid, say what’s on our mind trying to use a little tact in the process. Speaking the truth not to hurt feelings but stay on the right path if wandering off it, getting lost starts to happen.

We strive to keep our eyes on our own paper but speak up when situations warrant.

When the truth is needed to avoid confusion, hurt feelings, heading down the wrong rabbit trail. The truth can hurt, maybe cause a phone hang up, silence for a few days. But when you love someone, you need to say what has to be said. That is not uttered out of anger, but out of love for another person. If you don’t, if no one else does, life will not get better, easier.

You and I can get through this life on Earth with its ups, downs, twists and turns easier if we use candor. Are not afraid to speak up and contribute when the going gets tough, bogged down. We are all here to learn, need each other. And remember our kids are watching. Taking their cues from us. Don’t miss the cues. You and I are not always right, have to learn to surrender.

Can you handle the simple honest truth, embrace the candor to see the life course you need to charter?

If yes, you are going to love spending time in Maine. Come for a day, stay a lifetime. If you play mind games, think others are placed on Earth for your happiness alone, like drama and to stir things up in other people’s lives, Maine is not the destination to program in to your GPS.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker