Remodeling A Maine Home, Make Sure To Spread Around The TLC To All The House Rooms.
Maine Home Remodeling, Make Certain The TLC, Renovations Are Through Out The House.

When you remodel your Maine home today it is a given that the carpenters, plumbers, electricians come in pairs.

Just like Noah’s job to fill the Ark with two of every animal that he built in his backyard. That ark started when he was 500 years old. And the last set of animals of each sex entered the completed ark, the boarding ramp hoisted up in to place to set sail when Noah was 600 years old.

Boy, I hope my bathroom remodel does not take that long.

Seriously, like swimming lessons you remember going to on a parks and recreation bus wearing a round tag on a wrist band to help get you back to your parents, it’s the buddy system in life. I learned how to swim at Cary Lake in Littleton Maine as a nephew along for the ride with my Aunt Ruth’s horse riding kids summer camp. Had a partner to keep from drowning when the life guard had a lot of bobbing heads to track in the Maine lake.

The Me In Maine blog posts are mostly about living and learning together in a less populated, more scenic state like Vacationland.

And include lots of Maine photos, videos on ME local community events. Our other blogs on Active Rain, Own Maine Real Estate posts cover more real estate related topics. Because after thirty two years of listing, marketing, selling property listings, that is something I should know something about. That rubbed off that can be posted to benefit someone in the audience.

But back to remodeling in a Maine home.

Have a bathroom job wrapping up tomorrow (fingers crossed). And the contractors tell me every Maine home owner is glad to see them come. But hold the door open to get them out to their work trucks with the rack on top as quickly as possible. To swish them out of the yard. To clean up the dust. Rearrange the remodeled area of the Maine home.

I am in many homes where the Maine home owner is pretty proud as a peacock on their DIY handiwork. That is less than stellar. And other Maine houses to list where the paid professionals did a superb, outstanding job in the kitchen. But the rest of the house got no attention. Like life, you can not put all your effort to excel in one area without others suffering from neglect. There needs to be balance, moderation.

Spreading around the TLC and the money budgeted for repairs, renovations is key to any Maine home resale.

Like an orchestra where each instrument contributes to the common good. The final track produced for others to enjoy at home or in the crowd, balance has to happen.

If the budget is only so big, where to spread the resources with paid professionals but you and the kids doing the tear out to ready for the new is sometimes the course taken. Like the flip this house where in a half hour the owners make a fortune or lose their shirt, careful study is needed on where, when, how to do the house improvements.

Major home system areas like leaking roof with mold and rot developing.

A furnace spewing carbon monoxide, an electrical smell of ozone from faulty wiring, or dangerous falling chimney bricks take priority. But little things like a new bigger bathroom mirror, light fixtures more up to date, paint and clean up of the clutter pay big dividends.

Making the shoe box ranch in to a castle in a so so neighbor is mixing the original intent of the structure. Or consideration of what is going on in the market for potential real estate buyers. And ignoring, having blinders on with the decline of the neighborhood.

But whatever you do, like life, don’t put the emphasis all on one area and neglect others if you want to avoid disaster.

Spread your talent, time, resources around the entire property in and outside.

Maine, get here quick as you can and start really living. More outdoor recreation options to come for a day, stay a life time enjoying.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker207.532.6573