Relationships, in life we have many with God, family, neighbors, friends and through work.

Teamwork Makes For Successful Relationships
Teaching Others What We Have Learned.. Maine.
But sometimes our hopes and dreams are not shared by the ones we love around us. When you live in a busy, urban area, relationships become that much tougher. Because of the extra struggles, the added pressures of city living that take a lot out of you. Leaving not as much of you for the relationship.

Maine is a place where the setting, the natural four seasons unspoiled surroundings can help any relationship.

The beauty is spiritual, all around you in Maine. In my job as a Maine real estate broker, it is very common to be working with property buyers who are starting over. Looking for a Maine lake property to vacation at as they blend families, start a new relationship.

Pain and suffering happens in life.

It causes us to grow, stretch, accept. It is “not about me, but others” is a good reminder to stay tuned, there’s for more to come. You and I don’t know the ending, and if we did what would be the fun, the experience or wonderment of that? Day at a time, remembering life is not over and others around us care if we dare to share comes late for some. Maine is a second chance, always your best case scenario place to begin again for many of our real estate buyers.

Thinking It Though, Figure It Out At A Maine Lighthouse.

In my job when I have to handle a Maine real estate sale with a nasty divorce I try to stay objective. But when one or both spouses I work for are badgering the other, I have to worry about their kids. The kids who want to love both parents but who get caught in the crossfire. There is a fine line between love and hate is an expression my wise Dad often reminded us four boys during bean suppers on the Maine farm.

I often wonder why did you marry this person if now the other is so dark, bad, rotten?

It was your choice going in right? What changed in that person? Did they become alcoholic, get in a car accident and suffer organic brain injuries that altered their personality? And if the divorce, split is the right thing to do because of that other no good son of a… well, you fill in the expletive that works best for you.

Conflict resolution with a mediate not litigate approach to life helps. Keeps it from being a putting out a fire with gasoline merry go round situation. Hurt people hurt people though. Maine is a place to figure things out. Like why you react to this situation or person the way you do. Maybe it is not them but you. The thoughts and attitudes you carry around in you that keep you a prisoner, held back from your greatest potential.

Our Maine Governor Lepage has ten little words that he has led his not always easy life growing up.

“If it is to be, it is up to me.” That pretty much sums it up quick and easy, down and dirty simple. I am glad I live in Maine. A place that is peaceful, less populated, and drop dead gorgeous. See her beauty one Maine photo at a time.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker