I hear the complaint, feel the gushing, rushing from the Maine real estate buyer who I ask “is something missing in your life?”
Type A Personality People Are Not Born That Way But Become Helter Skelter.
Building A Better, Happier, Peaceful You Starts With Looking At Your Life's Layers.

That is the lead in welcome question on our Maine real estate website. Often the purchase of a Maine property listing is sparked by the buyer’s need to “fix something”.

Many city dwellers if asked what is missing in their life will start with the word space to feel safe, to just be able to think. They realize their jammed in, wall to wall existence is cutting off air and robbing their peace. Slowly learning that their first world problems are not life and death important.

Worries about crime, keeping up with the marathon pace all take their toll on a body. Add a couple of pallets of heavy high cost of living for good measure and let simmer as the temperature, pressure rises.

You are not born a Type A personality but are taught and rewarded to be that way.

Competitive, hard driving, at war with time, feeling guilty relaxing. Add in some worries, fears that cause a daily dump of stress hormones in to your system and you become a Rambo on a mission. A force to be reckoned with, like a wild animal being attacked. Wondering if it’s to be the main course, what’s for supper tonight. Feasted on by the approaching crouched approaching predator. That is not here for just a social call. Hears the dinner bell ringing.

We create layers of stress, like a life lasagna of worries, negative thoughts.

Nothing motivates like the fear of survival. Except instead of fight or flight to avoid being eaten, our fear is man made, social engineered. Like the term artificial intelligence, it was nothing God intended. Or that you find between the covers of the red or black or white bound family Bible. When you climb on your personal survival exercise machine and you have trouble finding the off switch. To shut down, relax and release the pressure on your body and over crowded, no vacancy mind.

This is the part where a shameless pitch for buying a piece of Maine real estate comes in. A property on a pristine lake, wooded acreage on the side of a hill with a long expansive view. The setting designed to help you slow down. Because man has not invaded it, spoiled it, set up any carnival tents yet. Just you, your thoughts, some wildlife that meanders, wanders in and out to visit through out your relaxing Maine day.

Slow Down, Capture Your Thoughts In Maine By The Water Video.

In Maine, the eat or be eaten heavy protective armor is removed.

Vacationland is the 4th lowest crime state. People wave, smile and say hello rather than ignore or suspect you are up to something no good. Or mean them harm. In Maine property is so low cost you own the title to the land free and clear. Out right. No mortgage demons tread milling in your head to weigh you down with worry.

Back to the part about your thoughts. If you head and heart are filled with junk, worries, hurts, how can you experience life and be fun to be around? Hurt people hurt people. Without knowing why. As an island forms and you become the only Gilligan on it. No Ginger or Mary Ann to enjoy the sunsets with.

With a lot of work, the type A personality man or woman with the fight or flight, five alarm fire bell ringing in their head can recover.

It starts with seeing what all those stress hormones are doing flooding their system. Always feeling anxious, multi tasking around the clock means you never catch your breath. Can not spend time in relax mode with your feet up, in the sun and able to watch the world go by. Without a care in the world. The ability to put down your sword, walk away from fights and eat some desert.

Baggage, how many pieces, what size, shape, color are you carrying?

God examines your heart, can start pruning and replacing the weight of sin with the breath of life, pure love. If you let him, if you are ready. Or continue to blame others for your problems, feel sorry for yourself and be robbed blind of all the peace and joy you deserve. And that so do your family, loved ones, community around you do too. Happy, content, not being heavily burdened carrying the weight of the world delivers you to still waters. Frees the mind, soothes the soul. Isn’t that the perfect setting for loving others, the relationship with yourself?

Maine, have a piece. Own some Maine real estate. Start small, think big. Just an acre in the woods is the base camp you need to explore Vacationland and your personal life. To begin replacing the clutter, guilt, overbooked fatigue with feelings of joy, contentment, peace.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker