Life in Maine, anywhere has its ups and downs.

Find Yourself In Maine. Literally.
Life Is No Picnic. Maine Has Lots Of Rest Areas For Your Heart, Head.
The twists and turns can be roller coaster fun or disasterous. Letting either your heart or your head exclusively have all the say in most life situations is dangerous.

Listening to your gut, another major vital body part is important too.

In chartering unknown life waters. As events unfold, happen right on schedule.

Having a faith, believing in God to guide the process but knowing you and I have a card labeled free will makes the path sometimes crystal clear. For a while. Then suddenly Maine light house foggy. You’re not so certain. Your heart checks in. And when you crank your head around, guess what? Everyone else is on the same life conveyor belt around you. Inching down the assembly line of a better you or me. New and improved.

It still boils down to “it’s your life”. You have decision making to do. But “ah ha” timing is a factor. Not everyone’s watch has Mickey’s little hand on this same number. His longer mouse hand on that one just like you. But it’s not just about you anyway, but others. When you do start to see the bigger life picture. Fuzzy and blurred starts to rack focus sharp and bright. As you crawl first then walk, and run. Making headway inside the noggin sitting on your neck.

The one that needs to come off, be slowly screwed back on straight from time to time in a person’s life.

What does Maine specifically have to do with the thread, message in this Me In Maine blog post? Everything. Maine is the perfect setting for figuring out how to avoid, go around or up and over the road blocks and set backs up ahead. And to bask in the joys, triumphs and successes in your life. To pull back and getting better in focus on what is going on and how did we get here? Where do we go from here.

Maine, because she is not over populated and you get to have the space, elbow room to think it through.

To consider, chew on the good, bad and the ugly in your life. At any interval along the pathway. Down the lazy river or when you are up that famous creek and find yourself missing a very important paddle. What to do about it to change directions when you find yourself in a boxed canyon. With seemingly not a clear cut, good solution. To help aid in finding the way out.

When you take the time to climb a Mount Katahdin or one of the many other higher elevations that require time, effort, good things start to happen.

The scary, unknown unchartered waters become more secure. Are a bit calmer and life becomes more in focus. The truth, reality of what is happening inside your head, outside it in your life becomes crystal clear, less murky. The healthy struggle is the step at a time, becomes where to place your feet not so scary.

Because the cherry on top of the hike, climb is what awaits you on the top.

Like the old Platters song “Up On The Roof”, you can get higher than your earthly problems, concerns, issues that everyone has because we are human. And like Billy Joel reminds “We’re “Sa-POSTED” To Make Our Share Of Mistakes”. Maine’s hills and dales to hike, ski down are the second wind you need. To deal with heartache. Walking in to the ring alone in that prized life fight as the song says to wait in your corner until the breeze comes in.

Other than medical problems, wouldn’t you say most of our problems involve other people, our relationships? Misunderstandings, hurt feelings, reacting in ways based on not enough information and too much raw emotion. Not meeting expectations in affairs of the heart. Heck I had one real estate buyer who was purchasing to get away from meddling family members say “other people are hell, right here and now on Earth.” You don’t have to wait for a firery place to experience it first hand later in life.

Working so hard to toe the line that others draw in the sand but coming up empty because you did. Because often less or nothing coming back in to your personal water source of “well being”. Than the heart and soul, tears and fears you expend to stay in a place treading water. When you need a nudge, push, some natural current to get back in motion. Back on the track. In the swim of things. It can be a case of doing too much, then not doing enough. Or just plain stopped. Dead in the water. Not under power or able to get out of your own way.

Anxiety, depression starts when bitterness from being hurt lingers, festers and there is no big red button button to push.

No railroad locomotive dangling, swinging overhead brake chain to reach for and pull hard. For forgiveness relief, a stop of the hurt that you and others carry in a shower of hot sparks. What’s really called for when everything does not seem fair, just, fun. You, me, everyone needs forgiveness. To get it, give it. Like breathing, water, food, love, family, shelter and respect. Struggle to extend it, bask in the healing sunshine when you are lucky enough to receive it.

The Phish song about when I got off the train I had a bucket full of problems. That’s why the singer had to stop, get off. But eventually one by one they get sorted, accepted, chucked. And hopping back on that locomotive steel horse happens. Your surroundings, clearing your schedule and being suddenly in a natural, four season real, unspoiled setting like Maine.

That hill top for me is a spiritual place to reflect, heal, revive, recharge, grow, learn and to listen.

To feel the goodness, love, peace that is around us. But back down on earth, traffic, noise, demands, phones, schedules, and yes people all trying to depend on each other can blind us of what we need for a life balm. To help the hurts, purple bruises on the heart. Get me back on that clickety clack, don’t look back track.

Maine is Vacationland. There is a place that is like life should be. Get here quick as you can to recharge. To carry a smaller bucket of problems. Replace it with life’s simple beauty, simple joys. And remember fewer but way way friendly people who care and share, that are so down to earth live in Maine. Our waterfront helps the hurt in the same way as the perfect setting to reflect, revive, recharge and figure out your own personal life path too.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker