The Animals You Raise On A Maine Farm Get Some Neat Names. Meet Bacon.
Mom, Mom, Wake Up. Sausage Is Causing Problems Again.

The ladies on the Maine farm, for milk and other dairy products had old fashion names.

And when my Mom and Dad had beef cattle, were raising a herd of Durhams, then the naming changed to IRA, Holly, Jacob and other family, friend names.

The two pigs I remember as a little shaver were not the most fun on the Maine farm.

And when it came time to “process them” my three older brothers and I had trouble eating a friend. Until Dad assured us he had exchanged, traded the two pigs we raised from piglets for two other total unknowns. That seemed to help. When passing the farm kitchen platter of heaped high sausage, ham, bacon.

My Aunt Ruth has a slew of horses. Over thirty at one point and ran a summer horse riding camp. Camp Little Ponderosa’s oldest horses, steeds were Stardust and Melody. Over 32 years old and more like friends, pets. Because when you live that long, animal or not, you are around for a long time. Part of a big chunk of life and household or barn yard fixtures. As life plays out right on schedule with casual speed.

Sugar Daddy, Pepper, Thunder, Geronimo were four of the ponies at my Aunt Ruth’s Maine horse riding farm. And cleaning out their stalls, grooming, showing the horses, ponies in shows was part of the summer adventures. Along with swimming lessons, arts and crafts and help around the Maine horse farm to keep it running. Run the Maine state animal exhibits, agricultural fair video Jimmy.

Head to the fair, check out a horse show, spend a few minutes at Houlton Community Park to see the 4H exhibits video.

In Maine we tend to name our cars, pickups and SUV’s too. The longer you have them, the more they sit in the yard long ago paid for, the fondness and attraction grows. Have a red jeep four kids learned how to drive in called Sally.

The white jeep after that handed down to a new drive called Celine. And the black jeep I drive now was labeled Vadar by the kids. The Ford Excursion due to incredibly lousy gas mileage and sheer size nicknamed “The Beast”. The inability to pass a gas station without automatically signaling to fuel up caused by the 11.1 miles per gallon. No matter if she was pulling a trailer, loaded with hockey players or not.

Maybe the name calling was a better census, keeping tract method on the Maine farm than Cow 1, Steer 5, Chicken 17 or “This Little Piggie”, etc. Do you have names, pet or otherwise that are unique, special or pretty down right funny or humorous? Share them here.

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