The jargon of a Maine REALTOR can raise eye brows and confuse, lose a person trying to follow one in a
Always Thinking About Buying, Selling Maine Real Estate
A Maine REALTOR, Over 4200 Of Them In Vacationland.
real estate conversation.

CMA, GRI, DOM, FSBO … a Maine REALTOR sure does use some funny language, short hand to make his or her point. Get the job of listing, marketing, selling done.

Buying or selling Maine real estate is an emotional experience for the property purchaser or owner.

The job of a REALTOR, a real estate agent or broker is to educate, explain the process and tell it like it is from experience. Giving false expectations if a property is priced pie in the sky is not part of the job. Making representations about a property listing that are inaccurate, false, not honest isn’t either.

Disclosure of problem areas with a Maine property listing is way way smarter than trying to wrestle, dealing with it after a sale. But to know the real estate problem exists means thoroughly examining the property listing. Asking lots of questions to the owner, tradesmen that did work on the place. Even family members or neighbors if the sale is an estate property transfer.

Fifty percent of people settle down, move to within fifty miles of where they were born.

And to attract the attention of folks further away a Maine real estate agent, broker, REALTOR has a big part of his job putting his state on the map.

What it is like living where I do in Maine? The photos, blog posts, local community videos help paint the picture. Fill in the gray matter between the ears, behind the eyes of a Maine real estate buyer from outside Vacationland.

Maine REALTORS, the state has over 4200 of them.

Not such bad people once you take, make the time to get to know one. See them in action. Pretty darn involved in their local home towns, volunteering for community events and serving on boards. Parents, little league and hockey coaches. Sunday school teachers and sponsors of many non profit organizations. Hug one today.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker