That's An Intial Big On Rotary Item 502... Thank You Pansy Burton In Oakfield ME
Reading Houlton Maine Rotary Auction Bids, Pegging And Sorting.

Service, civic clubs in Maine like the Rotary group raise money year round to make the local communities stronger, more vibrant, healthy.

If a worthy cause presents itself, a shot in the arm of financial assistance from Rotary clubs really helps.

The first three nights of every Thanksgiving week, for the past 56 years, the Houlton Maine Rotary club has collected donated products or services and auctioned them off to raise money. This year’s Houlton Maine Radio, TV and Internet Auction has over $50,000 worth of items to place a bid on. Winning bidders pick up their item at Watson Hall in the Episcopal Church of the Good Sheperd on Main Street. Over one thousand items to bid on in this years three night Rotary auction.

The excitement of gathering the items, setting up the “stage” for broadcast and the entire Houlton Maine Rotary club, local area working together to raise money is part of Thanksgiving week.

College kids returning home for the holidays stop in to auction headquarters to see who else is home.

To socialize, have something good to eat and place a few bids.

The auction always, always has something for everyone. No matter how large or small their wallet so they can bid on the rotary auction. And often gift certificates from local merchants are ideal for early Christmas shopping that needs to be done anyway. Win win, secondary gain situation.

Kids calling in, competing with their friends for a McDonald’s happy meal or a beanie baby stuffed animal, season tickets to local sporting events.

Coin collections, bags of locally grown Maine potatoes, grocery store certificates, pizzas, clothing, oil changes, home made food items all donated during the Houlton Maine Rotary Auction

And many items with over $500 value that get bid on as nightly or three evening special items add to the excitements duriing the local fund raising project. Even a Ward log home cabin is being auctioned off to put on your land, in your backyard. Or to resell. The Presque Isle Maine Rotary Club has an auction for the same local fund raising too about the same time each year.

Here’s a video of one Houlton Maine Radio, TV and Internet Auction to show you what the event looks, sounds like.

The 56th Annual Houlton Maine Rotary Auction runs from 6 to 10:30 Monday through Wednesday, November 21 through the 23rd of Thanksgiving week.

Maine Rotary Auction Fund Raising Auction Video.

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