Maine Hunting Season Is Underway, Like School Crossings, Be Careful.
Highways At Night Are Dangerous In Maine With Loose Moose.

Blaze orange, it helps the wildlife, Maine game know where you are loud and clear.

Thank goodness Maine deer, black bear, moose, game birds don’t carry fire power, can shoot back. Now that would be add to the stakes of toting a gun, tracking wildlife in Maine. The Maine fall season means sporting camps, woods are full of out of state hunters.

The local Maine economy benefits from a financial shot in the wallet from the fall hunting wave of orange.

Rental of sporting cabins, feeding hunters tramping the woods looking for Bambi, gas and barley pop, ammo sales are just part of it. Meat processing, taxidermy, and use of facilities for other goods, services trickle down through the local coffers. Traveling to the four corners of Maine and back can use a little bit of gas, take a little time while the wallet is open during the fall hunting, sporting vacation.

Here are Maine hunting, trapping laws spelled out from A to Z. The Bangor Daily News reports bigger than average Maine deer being tagged too.

Hunting camps trips in Maine are not just used for sleeping after a day in the wild to prepare for the next. Cribbage games, new members of the family or hunting party are intiated in to the Maine hunting ritual. Feasts with guys the chef or warming up chilli, lasagna from back home. To go with the story telling, buzz and laughter in the Maine woods cabin or camp.

Crisp cool air, the tail end of Maine fall with the last lingering fall colored leaves floating to the ground, finishing up what Jack Frost started.

Maine, pick your season, the recreation you enjoy outdoors and plan your next trip to Vacationland. Maine, wake up and start dreaming in blue and green. If you would like to own a piece of ME, sample some Maine real estate for a permanent vacation address through the year anytime you can get away. Make time for Maine, the way life should be.

Here is a run down of Maine hunting laws.

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