Linneus Maine Haunted Hayride Gets Bigger, Scarier, Better.
Experience The Linneus Maine Haunted Hayride

The winding trail through the moon lighted path through the back woods of Linneus Maine is a popular fright attraction in Southern Aroostook County.

Each year as Halloween, the black and orange holiday approaches, the Linneus Maine Recreation Department sets out to make this upcoming Haunted Hayride even more memorable than the last.

High school students from both SAD 70 and SAD 29, Hodgdon and Houlton Maine education systems add their theatrics to the outdoor spectacle.

The end result according to Linneus Maine Recreation officials is $9000 being raised during one year of perfect weather.

Some of the funds stay in the department coffers, but much of the money raised goes to each school system’s programs. Monies also get earmarked for the Little League Program in Linneus.

The starting point for the ghoulish ride is the Linneus Sno Sports snowsled club. Where after surviving the mile long trek, refreshments and food are served as the room of survivors recall the scariest moments on the hayride.

Each year upwards to thirty new participants add their talents, their skills at scaring those who dare enter the dark winding trail through the Linneus Maine woods. For more on the scary outdoor Halloween event, visit the Facebook Linneus Maine Haunted Hayride page.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers