Maine Means Home Town Proud, Fiercely Proud Of Your Local Zip Code.
Small Town Maine Living, Everyone Is Connected, Close, Special.

Maine is a state that folks are not afraid to speak up. History shows the long felt need to stand for issues, appeal to common sense.

“As Maine goes, so goes the nation” may still apply. In a rural state, not flush with money but long on hard work, family values, maybe the sparsely spaced populace is in the real world. And cringe on spin from media beamed in, remotely fed from outside state lines.

In my job as a Maine real estate broker, it is hard to see market events in California, Florida, Michigan, Vegas and have the population think it is that same market in Vacationland. Maine is 46th lowest for FSSR.

We work hard to buy lower priced Maine houses and we don’t like debt. We double up to not have payments, to own the Maine home free and clear.

Maine home sales are up and it’s not just houses we list, market, peddle. Land, waterfront real estate in Maine are a popular attraction. So low cost and big sized. Maine, a place you can dream in blue and green, unspoiled and natural. Here when you are ready.

But it’s not all work, no play.

The folks in Maine are friendly and you better learn how to wave if you plan to pass through, spend time here. In Maine, we are responsible, don’t pass the buck when the time to step up happens. No one ate our home work on the local community volunteer events. No one hides under the desk when something needs doing on the local level.

Maybe being less populated, sitting on smaller wallets means hiring everything done is not an option. So we are more involved, personally, financially with the way we use our time to make the small town life vibrant, unique, special.

Bold, fresh, raw honesty, outdoors and not polished, commercial store brought rhetoric. That’s the Maine I live in, enjoy, and the place to raise a family. Or own a piece of for vacations, investment. Maine, what’s holding you up, keeping you away?

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker